Meet The Doodles

Chickens are the most delightful creatures! We originally had eight when we moved house five years ago but only have four at the moment. We joke that we’re running a retirement home for chickens so I’m looking forward to getting some more youngsters this Spring. We recently lost a couple of our ladies to a hungry fox – I’m completely to blame as I decided it would be a good idea to let them scratch about in the garden…. RIP Jemima and Bernie. So here are the remaining ladies, safely fenced in, but trying to escape every time they get fed! 

From Left to Right: Goosey, Matilda, Doris & Tallulah

Matilda is most definitely the boss and keeps the others in order and she doesn’t suffer foolish behaviour from either chickens or humans! Next is Goosey, ever since she was a fluffy chick she has always sounded more like a goose than a chicken, she has always been sensible one. Tallulah is my husband’s favourite – she likes cuddles but isn’t too bright (what does this say about his taste in women?). Finally, there is Doris who is always the most inquisitive and eager to explore… which is a bit of a problem when a lawn tractor is heading towards her!



I had an empty jam jar and five minutes to spare so I picked a couple of Hellebore stems and brought them indoors. I dipped their stems in boiling water for about 20 seconds (it sounds far crueller than it is), placed the flowers in a jar and added a sprig of Rosemary and Cotinus. I have a drawer full of ribbons, buttons and other oddments that come in handy for jazzing up jam jars! I must say that whilst  I love to see the Spring flowers in the garden I also like to bring a few in the house to enjoy them even more! 

I love adding herbs to flowers so I like to have plenty around – all the seedlings are doing well but the Thyme seems particularly fiesty!

And as for the Broad Beans… they have been safely transplanted and seem to be doing well. I’ve had some lovely suggestions for recipes so, who knows, I may actually like them after all!

20 thoughts on “Meet The Doodles

    • It’s so nice to see them close up and I don’t have to walk down the driveway on a rainy day either! I like recycling and I use jam jars for all sorts of things such as tea light holders, wasp traps, containers for buttons & ribbons etc… and of course for putting home made jam in!

      • Here is a video you might like, designed to inspire us all in making our gardens pollinator friendly. If you have non gardening friends looking at your nectar bar this is the video to show them. It is meant to be shared.
        The direct link doesn’t work so please hop over to my blog.

  1. I am smitten with your chickens! I love that they have such different personalities! I was so tempted to buy a duckling the other day but decided to wait until we had proper habitat for it. Your jam jar arrangement is stunning! I hadn’t thought to bring in hellebore for the vase.

  2. I love our ‘girls’ too. We have a mix of pretty ones and ex-battery hens; the latter are by far the friendliest and would spend their time in the kitchen if they could. Our flock has also decreased over the last year or so – might be time to go shopping! Love the Hellebore arrangement; simple yet very elegant.

  3. I couldn’t survive without my chickens. We love their constant contented chuckling when we are in the garden. This contentment comes from the thought of the weeds we are going to give them. And of course their eggs are delicious.

    • I know what you mean about the contented chuckling… is there any other animal that makes you smile just by walking by? Life would be duller without them x

  4. I’ve been researching what to have out at Blue Moon Farm. At this point:
    Chickens for eggs and autumn clean up
    Ducks for slug eating (they go after seedlings but can roam later in the growing season)
    Guinea fowl for all sorts of bugs including ticks which are a real health hazard for humans and pets out here. ( Canada) They also make good alarm systems and less inclined to eat seedlings, so I hear. If I get the guinea fowl I will have to nix the chickens or I will end up with a zoo.

  5. I would love to have chickens, unfortunately I live in thickest East London, with a tiny garden. Don’t think my neighbours would appreciate it if I got chickens! So I keep a lot of plants instead – and a cat 🙂
    Loved your Hellebore photo, mine are still in full flower but I assume they won’t keep for very long in water? Have never tried though.

  6. The Hellebore last 3 days in my warm Garden Room or up to 5 days in the cool parts of the house… not great longevity but okay for a long weekend! I suppose that is why they aren’t commonly sold in bouquets… but when there are loads extra outside for free it’s worth bringing a couple of stems in!

  7. Love this post! I am pea green with envy over your chickens….someday I hope to have my own. Love the names and their sweet little personalities too. Thanks for the tip on the Hellebores. Keep your inspiring posts coming!

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