March Garden


Early March

The days are noticeably longer and there is a whiff of Spring in the air. When I went outside this afternoon my mind was set on scratching about a bit but, in all honesty, there wasn’t that much to do. I pulled up a few weeds, did a spot of sweeping and then spent the rest of the time wandering around having a good look at the plants waking up from their sleep. Unfortunately, all the weeds are waking up from their sleep too so I’m currently trying to stay ahead of the game.
The sun was out for a few hours this morning and I once again had to restrain myself from sowing seeds – it’s still too cold and we don’t have  a greenhouse yet! The seed box is laughing at me but I won’t play it’s games 😉


The kitties are growing so fast… they’re being neutered tomorrow and I already feel anxious. I know that it’s the responsible thing to do but it doesn’t stop me fretting about them. I just have to keep focused on them being able to go outside, chase rabbits and fall sleep in the Kitchen Garden. It will be lovely to hear the cat flap swinging to and fro again… I just need to get some collars with bells on to give the birds fair warning.

34 thoughts on “March Garden

  1. Spring is definitely in the air! I’ve just spent four hours engineering two chicken proof flower beds. My lovely hens actually are the best weeders I’ve ever found, but they eat my plants too……………… I employ them for early spring clean up, then set up my boundaries.

  2. Your garden looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more photos of it as we go into spring and summer. Your cats are gorgeous too! I often think about getting a pet, or two. Maybe one day!

    • Pets are such a lovely part of a happy home but they do take time to look after properly. I’d love a dog but we work too many hours – cats are far more forgiving and we’re able to make it up to them at weekends. You seem to have a busy life too but I’m sure you’ll eventually have little furry friends of your own x

  3. Good luck keeping up with the weeds – they always seem to grow so much faster than the flowers I’m anxious to see! Your cats will soon be over their surgeries, and playing again. They look adorable!

    • I really dislike weeds but have to admire their ability to grow in the most hostile conditions. Some of the tap roots on the dandelions were monsters and I can be sure that I’ve got them all…. I’ve just made them angry! The cats are really good, thanks for the reassurance x

  4. I love the raised beds in your kitchen garden – won’t be too long now before you can start sowing seeds in them… And I bet the kittens will have a great time exploring once they’re allowed outside, the only downside (for you anyway) will be the little ‘presents’ they bring home with them!

    • The salts are starting to come out of the brickwork and so it looks a bit scruffy at the moment but I’m really pleased with the raised beds. I’m sure they’ll be little presents – our previous cats used to bring in all sorts of things including rabbits and frogs. They were mostly alive so we had to catch them and release them back outdoors… with the cats looking on with a disappointed look (humans are so silly).

    • I’m really looking forward to the warmer weather – we had such a rain soaked year in 2012 that I’m surprised anything grew!

    • I love old Victorian walled gardens and it was designed with this in mind so I’m really pleased with the results. Thanks for such a lovely comment 🙂

    • Luckily the feeding station and bird boxes are in a pretty cat proof position but the bells on collars are a must. The cats seem to be doing fine and will soon be digging “helpfully” in the garden x

  5. My very best wishes to the kitties – you will spoil them rotten when they get back from the vet. I’m with you on the temptation to start sowing and although there is a whiff of spring, it is still cold at night, so I’m holding back until the soil feels warmer. It’s difficult though, isn’t it?

    • Soooo difficult! The sun is out, blue skies and chattering birds all make it feel like the middle of Spring but those bitterly cold winds are still blowing and the morning frosts nip hard. I’ll try and sort out a greenhouse for next Spring but until then the army of gardeners should wait 🙂

    • Thanks Cathy – the rest of the garden looks like wilderness but the Kitchen Garden always looks neat. The rest of the garden is a longer term project 🙂

  6. Patience is the order of the day when thinking about seed sowing – looking forward to seeing pics of your garden blossoming – eventually. The kittens are growing so fast hope all goes well at the vets.

    • It’s hard to be patient – especially when I see all the lovely gardeners with greenhouses who’ve already started the season in earnest. I know that I’ll catch up and it would be unwise to start too soon…. but it seems to have been a long Winter (probably because we didn’t have a good Summer!).

  7. When I see pictures of your raised beds, I think “just look how perfectly tidy that is”. Such a gorgeous place to garden. Your seed box has a good sense of humour, I love that, LOL. What are the flowers in the top right there PJ? Is that a white and yellow tulip? Looks this eggs in a pan, sunny side up 😀 I loved you photos of Milo and Bella, little fuzzy wuzzy’s in the sunshine, and what a view. Is that Bella’s wee tail hanging over the edge of the table? Good Luck at the v.e.t. , if you spell it, they won’t even know 😉

    • The seed box is funny but I avoid the magazine rack – he’s just mean 😉
      The flowers you mentioned are crocus and they’re being eaten by birds at the moment (who probably like poached eggs!).
      Bella likes to hang her tail off the table and swish it around to torment Milo. The cats are back from the v..e..t..s and are doing fine. I have a headache and need an early night as I worry too much about them. Unfortunately, I have to go to w..o..r..k tomorrow 🙂

  8. We are still in winter here in Quebec, but it’s much warmer now. When all snow has melt, I always rush in my garden to see how my plants are doing and it is not long before I see weeds ! I love the mosaic of your kittens, so cute !

  9. I just had the feral cat neutered on February 13. At that point, he had been here a little over a year but getting him into a cat carrier had previously been unsuccessful and he was meaner ‘n snake. He came back absolutely transformed! If I hadn’t been so familiar with his looks I’d swear they swapped him out with a different cat. Still too cold here in Florida to start the garden.

  10. I’m behind on your lovely posts, PJ. I’m happy to hear that kitties are doing well. You did the responsible thing and now that they are no doubt back to there old selves, you feel relief.

    Spring is around the corner for sure. What is a good time for you to start planting in your lovely beds?

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