Snow Scones

There’s nothing nicer than watching the seasons change and relishing those foods that are oh-so-soon-gone. After a poor, rainy Summer the Winter seems to have gone on forever so I was eagerly anticipating Spring. Unfortunately Mother Nature has decided to delay Spring for a while longer. Instead of cold, sunny days and daffodils we now have 6 inches of snow and biting winds. What the heck, if Mother Nature can be contrary then so can I… Summer fruit scones and homemade strawberry jam for afternoon tea!

Fruit Scones and Jam

Scone Recipe
350g self-raising flour, plus more for dusting
ΒΌ tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
85g butter, cut into cubes
3 tbsp caster sugar
75g sultanas
175ml milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
squeeze lemon juice
beaten egg, to glaze

These are so simple to make! Mix the flour, salt and baking powder together and then add the butter, rubbing between fingers until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the caster sugar and sultanas then combine well into the crumb mixture. In a jug combine the milk, vanilla extract and a squeeze of lemon. Don’t mokey around once you add the liquid to the dry ingredients – the secret to a light scone is to handle the mixture as little as possible. Gently roll the dough on a floured surface and cut out the scones out with a small cutter. Glaze with a beaten egg and put the scones on a baking tray into the oven at 220c for approx 10mins.
These are best served slightly warm from the oven with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam. As a Summer treat they are great but as an antidote to a snowy Spring day with a nice cup of Assam tea they are amazing!

Fruit Scones

Snow has a particular beauty. A beauty that is perfect for a dark January day when the fires rarely go out and mittens are stuffed into pockets. This beauty doesn’t extend to March however when the birds want to build nests, the hares want to box and the plants want to grow. Mittens should be safely tucked away again… so safe in fact that they can’t be found again in Winter!
The chickens seem very confused (and this wasn’t helped when I gave them a little taste of fruit scone in what they consider the depths of Winter!).

Snow in MarchAs for the kittens; they refused to go outside this weekend. I can’t blame them. They stared out the open front door for a few seconds, sniffed the snow and then ran back indoors. Milo did step outside once and very quickly leapt back inside when the cold stuff hit his paws.

Warm Inside

I look forward to the snow thawing as I’m pretty sure Milo only went outside to bury his collar. You see, Bella has taken to her collar really well and parades around as if she’s wearing a diamond necklace. Milo unfortunately has worked out how to get his safety collar off and hide it from us. This hide and seek game was quite endearing… only this time we can’t find it!

46 thoughts on “Snow Scones

    • We’ve had a little sunshine today and the snow has started to melt which makes travel easier. The bunnies will soon have plenty of grass to munch on!

    • The scones were delicious and they’re just as nice after being frozen. I made some cheese scones today to have with tomato and chilli soup but they weren’t half as nice as the sweet ones.

  1. Technology is so behind. We definitely need wide-scale availability of Smellovision. And I am going to request a shock-proof monitor for my next computer purchase go round. Nothing feels worse than several hair-raising volts transmitted from screen to tongue.
    Beautiful scones, beautiful furry friends, beautiful post … again.

    • Ha ha! The birds are better fed than us at the moment – it’s costing me a fortune but they’re worth it. I’m happy because the sun is out today and the snow has started to melt. Yeah!

  2. Scones and jam – preferably eaten by an open fire with a kitten curled up on your knee, sounds like the best way to sit out this weather! Good luck with the collar thing – cats can be pretty determined when they decided that they just aren’t going to wear one…

    • Milo is certainly a rascal with the collar – I glimpse him trotting by with it in his mouth or playing tennis with it. He is as good as gold when I put it on him…. but that’s because the game starts again!

  3. I’ve gone to the opposite end of the culinary scale and served up spotted dick and custard for pud tonight. Making my simnel cake for easter this weekend felt more like making a Christmas cake as there was a foot of snow outside. I’m really not amused by this weather any more.

    • I know what you mean about simnel cake… bit strange with snow on the ground. Mmm, spotted dick and custard sounds lovely. Now there’s a proper pudding πŸ™‚

  4. Scones are the perfect antidote to the freezing weather – a Sunday morning favourite in this house. The kitties are looking so grown up and beautiful , clearly smart too, staying inside. Although we don’t get snow here, lapwings are restless to nest – no vegetation for cover to speak of so far. Maybe milder weather will come with the clock change next weekend? Let’s hope …..

  5. My mouth is watering, I’m trying not to snack after supper though. I already had some jello and whip cream. I also love that rolling pin, is it Cath Kidston….I adore her stuff. Milo sounds like a smart guy…hehe. We can’t keep collars on our girls at all. Blossum’s actually gotten too chunky for hers…oops. I always love seeing your darlings, they are beyond cute.

    Sorry to see you are snowed under again. I feel your pain, we got tons last week. It’s going to warm up big time by weeks end, +10 C next Friday…now they are worried about flooding 😦 Oh man, mother nature has really flipped out. Warm thoughts coming your way πŸ˜€

    • The rolling pin is Cath Kidston – the cats bought me it for Mother’s Day! I shouldn’t moan about the snow as we have no where near as much as you and for far less time. The problem is we’re just not geared up for it so it causes chaos… Thanks for the warm thoughts, the sun has come out so they’re working. Back at you Boomdee!

  6. Can’t believe this weather you’re having! Even my Mum in Northants said it’s like a Christmas card scene out there! It’s very cold here too, but luckily the snow has held off in our region so far. I brought in some Forsythia to cheer us up…it’s just starting to open in the vase, but outdoors will certainly not make it for Easter! Summer scones are a great idea, and your photos are very pretty! πŸ˜€ (Is that really a flowery rolling pin? Wow!)

    • It doesn’t help having Easter so early – they’ll be a few snowy easter egg hunts this year! The rolling pin is from Cath Kidston and it’s so much better than my battered wooden one x

    • Gardeners are an impatient bunch ha ha! Always looking forward and wishing for different weather πŸ™‚ The snow is starting to melt here today and we have sunshine so hopefully we can start the year in earnest soon x

  7. All this snow is doing my head in! So, it’s lovely to see some pictures of scones instead mMMMmm! I could really eat one (or two) of those right now! Thanks for the recipe πŸ™‚

    • What clever chickens – mine are not so bright and are out there in the snow, hail, wind and sleet. I used to worry about them but they seem to cope well!

  8. Your scones look amazing! Brrr…it has been cold here too. We haven’t had any snow all winter but it flurried this morning. Nothing to stick to the ground since it was very windy but makes one want to crawl back into bed all the same. Wake me when spring has arrived.

    • There is something really comforting about baking when the weather is cold. I never feel like baking as much when the weather is warm so maybe I should fill the freezer with lovely cakes now!

    • I’ve tried loads of different recipes – some are lovely and others just taste of stodge but I think that has more to do with the cook rather than recipe πŸ™‚

  9. Your scones look very yummy!
    We haven’t had much snow on the ground here in London, although it has snowed many times this winter, I have lost count! But the bitterly cold weather is taking its toll here, and my garden is desperate for a bit of sunshine – and so am I!

  10. Can’t help it. I like the kitty stories. Is Bella the one with the unusual gray markings (and a collar!). She’s so cute.

    • Ahh – you’re a softy! Bella is the sweet little grey cat who doesn’t seem to fear anything – she has the softest coat. Milo is bigger, coarser and more cowardly x

  11. I think I should have eaten breakfast before reading your post. My mouth is watering looking at the scones and jam.
    Spring has been delayed here as well. Finally yesterday, it was warm and sunny. Spring at last! I hope it warms up for you as well.

    • The scones are lovely – I keep taking a few out of the freezer and re-heating them in the oven. Spring looks as if it’s going to arrive pretty soon x

  12. Oh, what a clever, naughty kitty. I’m sorry, but that made me laugh. How cute they are and how contrary too, just like siblings. I hope the collar turns up when the snow melts.

    Those scones look so inviting. I have a weakness for scones and tea. Oh yum. Small consolation when you really just want the sun to come out. Since I’m reading in reverse order, it appears that it finally has.

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