Footprints In The Snow

Snow in Kitchen Garden

Hopefully all the plants are tucked up safely and enjoying a nice sleep. I’m trying to enjoy the snow whilst it lasts… people grumble about the snow (I realise it makes life more difficult, travelling is a big worry and it will ultimately turn to a brown, messy slush….) but there’s really magic in each snow flake, you can see it sparkle, so I enjoy it while it’s here.

Garden Snow Collage

I love to see different footprints in the snow and I try to follow where the rabbits and foxes have been. It’s interesting to try and work out  who the little footprints belong too… although with my over active imagination I imagine following prints around the back of the shed and unexpectedly coming face to face with a Yeti!

Winter views

There’s not too many outside jobs to be done at the moment so I started to put together a wish list of  plants for the kitchen garden this year. I’m a huge fan of Sarah Raven so I’m starting with her catalogues as she has a great range of products and her customer service is brilliant. After what seemed an endless task of chores today I finally sat down with a cup of apple & ginger tea and started to paw over the catalogues… but more of that next time!

seed catalogues

This weekend is the RSPB Big Birdwatch so I’ll be spending an hour tomorrow counting our feathered friends (chickens not included) to see how they’re fending. I’ve never done this in the snow before and I’m hoping it will make the process easier! The results are sent into the RSPB and the information gained throughout the UK provides a useful snapshot of which species are in decline or booming!


I’m sure Bella and Milo will want to join us in the garden room for a spot of birdwatching too but I somehow think that their furry minds may not be on conservation!


33 thoughts on “Footprints In The Snow

    • We had heavy rain overnight so this morning we can see green fields again. The Brits talk about the weather all the time because it’s so changeable (snow, rain, sleet, rain, fog, rain, frost, rain….)! LOL!

  1. Looks lovely in your garden, very pretty. Yes snow can be awkward, but all we get is torrential rain. Going to try the garden birdwatch tomorrow but the forecast is awful. Expectation is a couple of gulls! Best of luck with your watch, even if it is mostly chickens 🙂

  2. I always enjoy looking at snow photos, mostly because we rarely see it here and when we do have inclement weather everything closes and we get to stay home in front of a cozy fire. What’s not to like? I think it would be great fun to follow the animal prints in the snow to see where they lead.

    • Wow – you’d have some amazing trails from all the wonderful creatures in your garden! We don’t cope with snow very well over here as the infrastructure is just not set up to deal with it. We only usually get a week or so of snow so it’s not worth buying snow tyres and most of the roads don’t get ploughed. The main roads are clear but most people can’t get off the side roads…. I still love snow though!

  3. Pawing through catalogues….how charming your posts are. It really is a blanket of white over there. Does it usually melt quickly? Your sweet Milo and Bella must be such a treat while you enjoy these winter days inside. Heavens they are cute with their big eyes and tiny noses…mwwwaaa!

    • The kitties are adorable and it’s hard to imagine life without them now. The snow has almost gone so I’m glad I enjoyed it. It must be very different for you as you have the white stuff deeper and longer than most (so you’re allowed to grumble!). We usually only get snow over here for a week or so then it’s back to the rain.

      • We’ve had two days at -3 with sun…went skating and for walks, almost manageable..tomorrow back to -23 C with some cold arctic thingy 😦 and then by Thursday +1 C….roller coater weather.

    • There weren’t too many birds around… until we finished counting! The kittens aren’t allowed out yet as they haven’t finished their course of vaccinations. I think the big, bad world in general will scare them!

  4. It looks so pretty doesn’t it, you have to enjoy it while its here. We had heavy rain last night and its all more or less gone now, which my cat, Bob is very happy about as he doesn’t like it at all. I’ve just had a splurge of seed buying from the Sarah Raven catalogue. The photos in there are so gorgeous and it just makes me so excited for spring and summer.

  5. It has been frigid here, with the highs only in the single digits Fahrenheit. We have an inch or two of snow on the ground here as well. So for those of us across the pond, I’ll be joining you over a cuppa with my seed catalogs.

  6. Beautiful photos…and there’s nothing like looking out the window at snow while you are looking at garden catalogs and dreaming of the spring! With a cup of tea or cocoa of course!!

  7. I find footprints in the snow fascinating too. I used the snow to reassure myself that all our rabbit fencing was doing its job (it is!)

    Enjoy your catalogues and mind that yeti!

    • I know exactly what you mean – we had the opportunity to look for evidence of rat prints (nice eh?) and were relieved to find no activity… although the little blighters could probably tunnel under the snow or even levitate to evade detection!!

  8. Bella and Milo are adorable looking birdwatchers, although I think you are right, I that they their furry minds will not be on the conservation! I always enjoy looking for tracks in the snow and trying to guess which aninal made them Mostly they are rabbit and squirrel tracks. No Yeti…yet any way.

    • The snow has now gone and we’ve had another Yeti-free year. I know he’s out there – although it’s a little unlikely to be in the middle of England 😉

  9. Our snow disappeared overnight now everywhere is really soggy. We did the Birdwatch and luckily there was still snow on the ground then which meant more birds in the garden, there have hardly been any today.

    • The birds do their rounds but we fell unlucky and a lot of the birds we usually see were not about… even the pesky crows kept their distance!

  10. What bush/tree were you trying to protect with the bamboo poles and plastic? I was intrigued with that method of protection. I saw robins here yesterday (Monday). A sure sign that spring is coming!

  11. The plant in question is a standard bay tree. It will manage okay once well established but I only planted this in the Summer and I didn’t want the snow, frost and high winds to kill it off so I wrapped it in bubble wrap and pegged it down with bamboo canes. Not pretty but practical!

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