Disorganised fun!

In November I planted three different layers of bulbs in terracotta pots. It was really cold outside, we’d had a long day and the light was fading… I was desperate to go indoors and have a hot bath so, in my haste, I forgot to note which bulbs I’d thrown in which pots! Four months later… surprise! I still don’t really know! Ha ha ha x

Tulip Leaves & crocus

The days are definitely getting longer and I’m amazed how much life there is in the garden. Each evening after work I make a cup of tea, put on my boots and go and say hello to the plants. The recently planted Polka raspberry canes are starting to produce leaves now. I have to constantly remind myself about their shallow roots so that I’m gentle with the hoe… I’d hate to chop their little toes off! There’s not a lot of finesse to my style of gardening so anything that survives is generally recommended!Raspberry "Polka"

I’m just so excited about seeing new, fresh green things that I even snapped a picture of a dandelion! I will regret this very soon as these horrible little weeds torment me beyond belief throughout the Summer… I’m sure that they even duck when the lawn mower skims over because when I look behind me all that is left is a manicured lawn and several dandelions laughing heartily!


The dandelion bud that is just coming into flower above looks a little strange, almost like it has been edited, but that is how it was opening (I’m not clever enough to edit my photos yet!). I’m doing quite well with my Broad Bean aversion so, who knows, I may learn to love these little fellas too in time!

9 thoughts on “Disorganised fun!

  1. They never turn out like the pictures in the fancy catalogs, those mixed pots, but the surprises are fun regardless.

  2. Love you comment about being easy with the hoe. I’ve had to replant more plants than I care to admit by being a bit overzealous. I am also in awe of those gardeners who can leave their work as clean as when they started. I am pretty much covered in dirt.

    • I’m with you Mary! I have most fun when I’m grubby and don’t quite Trust pristine gardeners. It’s the same when I watch gardening TV presenters… I expect them to have dirty nails and hands that have done hard labour!

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