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The lid of the seed box barely contained the multitude of packets inside and I had a familiar feeling when I peeked in… you know that feeling when you finally open the Christmas decorations box? You’ve not seen these things for a few months and yet instantly know the magic is about to begin! This time last year I didn’t even have a seed collection which just shows you how far (or obsessed) I’ve come in a year!
I’ve spent quite a lot of time over Winter looking through various seed catalogues but before ordering any more seeds I promised myself that I’d sort out the packets of seeds from last year.

Seed Sorting

1. The seed packets were spread over the table and I discarded any empty packets and those well past their expiry dates. I managed to spill some delphinium seeds so if these start to sprout up from between the tiles at least I’ll know they’re not weeds!
2. They were then sorted into vegetables and flowers and packed away by grouping them into beds. If I was properly organised I’d file them in order of sowing but in truth I like shuffling seeds like a deck of cards and rummaging through them.
3. The lid was so much easier to put on… but I’m sure this won’t be the case when the new seeds arrive!
4. Mmm…. don’t kitten’s have the sharpest little teeth?
5. I highly recommend Mark Diocono’s book “Veg Patch: River Cottage Book 4”. I used this to help me plan what veg to grow this year. The rough plan is as follows:

Kitchen Garden Plans

There are a disproportionate amount of sofas in this house… especially when you consider how much time we actually sit on them. A really nice place to relax is on the chaise longue in the garden room. Feet up, a good book, mellow music and furry friends….. purrfect (well it was until I noticed my bum print on the seat!!). The only problem with a thinking Β place is that it provides opportunity to change one’s mind so the 2013 Kitchen Garden plan has already been altered!

Winter Kittens

The view out of the window (as seen from the chaise) was taken a few days ago after another day of snow but it’s all green again now and the sun was out today… it must be very confusing for the wildlife. I managed to spend a few hours in the garden today, tidying the beds and smiling to myself. Spring is nearer than ever.


Where’s your thinking place?

36 thoughts on “My Thinking Place

  1. You look very organized, with drawings too! At this time of year I like to think at my dining room table best. But my favourite thinking place is definitely the garden itself… I have also made a few sketches – no doubt they will also be changed!

  2. It’s all a facade! I wanted to transplant the fruit bushes but I noticed yesterday that the currants are already in bud so I’d hate to kill them. How come no matter how much space we have in the garden, it’s never enough? I started off last year thinking that I’d never fill all the beds and now I’m having to move things out to make room!! The garden is the perfect thinking place x

    • It is only February and my plum trees have buds on them. Too late for pruning now. Your garden plan looks great and what a fabulous view. I could do lots of thinking there! I think best when I am exercising or walking in the garden. Getting the blood flowing seems to make my mind start churning out ideas.

  3. What a posh plan! Mine is often a scribble which then gets misplaced. Me and my fellow allotment plot slogger had the brainwave of scanning it onto the computer so that we can always get it back from the ether if we lose the hard copy.

    My thinking place is: all over the place. (But most often when doing the gardener’s prowl around the borders).

    Happy sowing.

  4. You are so stylish even your seed box is pretty not to mention the plan. My seeds live in two plastic tubs that once held chicken poo fertiliser and are still a bit whiffy. As for the plan at best it is a scribble on the back of an old seed packet but otherwise fights for space in the jumbly space between my ears underneath my red wooly hat.

    • Ha ha! That space underneath your red woolly hat is the most creative place ever. Not only do you have to organise your garden and grow lovely produce but you also have to wrestle with the elements.
      I also like the fact your seeds are kept in a chicken poo tub… the mark of a proper gardener!!

  5. I still need to sort out a proper thinking place!
    Anyway, I know what you mean about not being able to close the lid on the seed box – you have inspired me to go through mine. Some of my seeds must be well past their use by date.

    • I had some very old seeds but have found that their germination rate isn’t very good so no longer waste my time. I’ve tried not to over buy this year and use what I already have.
      Spring is creeping in – I can feel it x

  6. On the loo. It’s like a second office. There’s a phone, an ergonomic chair–plus it gets great wifi.
    Much thinking, but most ideas get flushed.
    In the meantime, I will live vicariously through your masterful organization, PJ. Look forward to seeing your garden grow.

  7. I tend to think while I am walking the dogs. My brain gets adled with too many ideas and far too much enthusiasm if I enter the garden to plan. Your plan is much prettier than my linear diary scribbles. I keep my seeds in a plastic container with a handle, bundled together by rotation using elastic bands. It ain’t pretty πŸ™‚

    • It sounds perfectly practically – I’m just more airy-fairy about these things! The plan will definitely change but it helps me feel a little more in control by putting it on paper… I’m overwhelmed far too easily πŸ™‚

    • I like the thought of a bright green room to think in… I’d feel like I was curled up in a leaf! Brilliant!
      Snow is beautiful but it wears you down after a while and colour is needed. thanks for stopping by x

  8. I really fancy your water colour garden plan, especially the way you painted the Year. So pretty, I’d frame it straight away. How ever did you get that all multicoloured? There won’t be any gardening here for a couple more months but I’m currently growing cat grass for Petals & Blossum in the kitchen window. I bought 3 small containers and all the seed they had (4 envelopes). I looked all winter with no luck, now finally, they’re at least putting out the seed packs.
    I don’t know if I have a thinking spot, but I did enjoy 1/2 of the kitty pillow a couple of nights ago, while I was lying on the floor of my craftroom looking at magazines. Blossum had the other half. It’s pretty cozy, I almost took a nap. LOL Your little munchkins are looking healthy. Love all those stripes! Cute as buttons xo. Do they go outside PJ? Will they spend time with you in the garden?

    • That’s so kind of you to say Boomdee as I was just playing with watercolours. The 2013 is just different paint colours that have been allowed to run into one another.
      They will be allowed to go outside once they’ve finished their course of vaccinations and have been neutered. We’re surrounded by open fields and are lucky enough not to have any dangerous wildlife… it will be nice for them to climb trees instead of my curtains πŸ™‚

  9. I do my thinking on my sofa, with my laptop in my lap, where I have all my photos, drawing of my garden, my plant lists and access to all the online shops that delivers in my area! If I need to get something confirmed, I nip out and sit on the bench in my garden, but I know my garden so well I can visualise every little piece of it πŸ™‚

    Loved your water colour plan, do you normally stick to your plans? Is the change this time unusual? I keep changing my mind all the time about my garden, often because of some plants I have read about on someone’s blog!

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  11. Thats a lovely view from your thinking place. I guess I do a lot of my thinking and planning for the garden in my back bedroom, where the view from the desk is over some allotments and to Castle Hill. But more often its when I’m in the garden or at the allotment. My seed boxes are overflowing now, I think I need another sort out like yours, think I’ll have to before I start sowing in earnest.

  12. Your house just looks amazing!! What a stunning view and from all the house pictures I’ve seen on previous posts so wonderfully decorated. I love your planting plan, that’s going to look really pretty. My thinking place can be anywhere really since I’m one of those thinking types who doesn’t switch off. If I have something really troubling me I walk along the canal to a bench about 10 minutes away. The sun seems to always shine on that bench, even on a cloudy day? It’s weird? But that’s my thinking place for the more in depth serious stuff if I ever have to really think things through, but then I always stop on that bench when I pass it too, just to have a little rest and a more gentle think about how good life can be πŸ™‚

  13. I cannot get over your view! Incredible!

    My thinking place is my sunroom, which has a wicker porch swing in it! I have loved to swing since I was a kid, it is where I sort out the world πŸ™‚

  14. I’m about to gush…so you’ve been warned.

    I love everything about this post. Your super-cool, and organized drawing, that comfortable chair, your view, the seed box and those cute as a button felines. They’ve really grown!

    I do my best thinking outside or looking outside. It’s a place to rest your eyes and to go deeper then you might have otherwise.

  15. I knew your thinking place would be lovely! This gets me thinking, that I don’t really have a thinking place. I usually sit at my much cluttered kitchen table, which explains a lot! I’m going to work on that, to find a more peaceful (and organized) thinking place. Good to have that kick in the pants, Thanks PJ Girl! πŸ™‚

  16. After seeing your beautifully organized garden plan and seed box, I think I must get to work and put my own plans in order. Presently, my seed collection is roughly grouped and held together with a crude elastic band!
    I am not sure I have a thinking place. Perhaps at my art table, which is in the 3rd floor attic, and has a view on the outside world. I feel happy and content when I sit there.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Ooo, that chaise looks so comfortable. And the view is spectacular. Let’s see, my thinking place… during warmer months, it’s on our cheapo plastic Adirondack chairs in the backyard with the chickens. In the winter, I guess it’s our front reading room – no computers allowed up there, and the only room with south facing windows.

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