Fairy Garden

Well, here’s the fairy garden.. it’s a nice little plot with a temporary dwelling to the rear of the garden and there is planning permission for a more suitable fairy property in the future. It’s currently vacant and the asking price is some help in the Kitchen Garden (mainly to keep the slug population in check and pull a few weeds as they pop up)… ooh, and some magical frost protection would give them free house insurance.

Fairy GardenThe kittens have been making me laugh so much. Two crab apple trees arrived in the post and before I could dispose of the box they decided to hijack it and make it their own. They’ve realised it’s great for sleeping in, hiding in, peeping out of and unexpectedly swiping at things that pass by! It’s quite a long, thin box so it doesn’t fit in the utility room very easily so it’s currently in the garden room where they use it as a hide to watch the rabbits.

Cat in a box

When the cats weren’t playing in their box they were outside chasing insects. They’ve tried stalking the local pheasants but get scared once the birds turn and look them in the eye.

Cats in sunshine

If you would like to see two fairy gardens that are fully occupied and full of fun then I recommend that you visit lovely Alys who inspired me to make a fairy garden. You can then hop over to Boomdee’s Gnome Home and have a look at her vintage vibe… I hope my fairy garden will have good occupants soon 🙂

31 thoughts on “Fairy Garden

  1. Oh, delightful! I love your write-up, too…’magical frost protrection.’ LOL
    That’s a sweet little for sale sign. For a moment I thought you were selling rats!

    Your beautiful kitties continue to grow. They are so cute. I just can’t get enough of them. Lovely post, PJ.

    • The rodent was well spotted Alys… it’s in tribute to the little mice who no longer live here because of the scary kittens! I think they’ve moved down the lane as we’ve had no further sightings since Bella and Milo moved in 🙂

  2. I just fall more in love with those kitties every time! OMGosh if not for your very wonderful Fairy Garden they would absolutely steal the show (and every heart). LOL, you’ve added the ol’ PJ wit to it all too, glad you got ‘planning permission’ prior to developing further…never can be too careful 😉 I love all the coloured baubles, how’d you do that? It has the PJ touches, the little galvanized pot is rustic and trendy all at once. LOVE it and you for mentioning my little Gnome Home, mwaaaa!

  3. How lovely obviously much better without the scruffy old plants – hope you find some good occupants. Your ‘cat-in-a-box’ pictures made me smile. Why do cats love boxes so much.

    • I love watching the cats play in boxes and bags… if only they paid as much attention to the beds and toys that are for that very purpose! Ha x

  4. What a lovely fairy garden, you must have a long list of prospective occupants!
    Your cats are so adorable, your brown tabby looks so much like my cat, when he was a kitten – 11 years ago. My cat still enjoys every single cardboard box that arrives here, once I have unpacked the content. And I get a lot of deliveries, some weeks he has a new box almost every day. Great fun!

  5. I think I put the same comment on every one of your posts that has photos of the cats – they are such gorgeous kittens! Boxes make great cat toys… they can spend ages playing in them, then curl up and use them as a bed too.

  6. Hi PJ Girl, I love your fairy garden! And even more, I love your writing! It is so fun to read your blogs. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could experience the happiness that owning a cat(s) brings? We were away over Easter, and our normally independent girl is not letting me out of her sight now, and is full of lovin’. 🙂

    • Thanks Dana for your lovely comments. People often comment that dogs are better companions and more loving but I think cats are great. It sounds like your cat is very pleased to have her family back!

    • I’m concerned that the cats will get into the recycling bin and have a party! The plants in the fairy garden have grown so much already – thanks for stopping by!

  7. Of course – tree boxes are such a great shape for animals to play in. Our poor dog is probably insanely jealous of your cats but he will be happy tomorrow – we are due a delivery of apricot and peach trees and now I’ve seen how much fun your cats have had, I will let him play with the cardboard box instead of whisking it away to recycling.

    What a sweet fairy garden.

  8. Your fairy house is adorable! I have been wanting to one for awhile now, what plants did you use? I believe I see a trailing rosemary??? Either though I am not a cat person, I must admit they are fun to watch. By the way, we are expecting kittens-soon I think, poor girl looks like she is fixing to explode!

  9. It seems that cats are not so unlike children, who like to play with the box that the toy came in rather than the toy. Your little fairy garden is adorable and is bound to attract some interest from buyers soon.

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