Green Things

Kitchen Garden April 13

The herb border is looking rather ragged and this isn’t helped by the cats rolling around it but generally things are looking greener. Bella smells particularly fragrant at times (rather like Thyme) so I know where she’s been and when I’m out there both kitties love to roll around in the soil. It’s so good to be outside again and it’s lovely to see the currants and gooseberry in leaf – I hope to get a reasonable crop this year before the birds have a feast. I’m growing potatoes for the first time and using a black tub with drainage holes in the bottom. I’ve since covered this tub over with bubble wrap as I fear it looks remarkably like a cat litter tray!

Fairy House for Sale

The fairy garden is filling out nicely and is starting to be dwarfed by the squash, aubergine and chilli seedlings. There’s no occupants at the moment probably because of the two, furry creatures that zoom around at a hundred miles an hour before collapsing outside for a rest….

Cats In Kitchen Garden

34 thoughts on “Green Things

    • It’s a bay tree and I’m so pleased it’s survived Winter. I had it all wrapped up in hessian which got blown off in the wind… I’ve given it a bit of a haircut and it looks surprisingly healthy.

  1. All looks ready for a wonderful summer. You’re the second gardener that I’m seeing growing potatoes in a tube, is that a new trendy thing? I can’t wait to see how they turn out and you’re probably right about covering it, LOL Bella and Milo are so darn cute πŸ˜€ It might take me extra long to do half as much since I’d want to snuggle them up nonstop. What’s up with cats and dirt? Alys’s adopted kitty Mighty Mouse looked positively dusty the other day.

  2. Those two are so darn cute! I’m loving your fairy garden. Mine is currently in rehab thanks to the mischievous Mighty Mouse. More on that later.

    Meanwhile, watch this kitty drink from the faucet, then dry his face. Hilarious!

    • That is so cute. My cats LOVE water and happily stick their faces, paws and ears under the running tap. In fact, they actually sit in the sink in the utility room waiting for me to run the water.
      Poor fairy garden – Mighty Mouse sounds like a bundle of fun though:-)

  3. I have had to replace some herbs this year as they are getting rather woody. Lemon Thyme is my favourite. It is good to see fresh green growth in the garden, at long last. Your kittens are looking much more grown up now aren’t they. Beautiful and sleek.

    • They look like adult cats now but still act like kittens. They’re nearly 8 months old but it feels like we’ve known them forever.
      I took inspiration from your post Elaine and cut myself some daffodils to bring indoors – they look and smell lovely!

  4. Ragged herb gardens are obviously the height of fashion this spring. At least yours is showing signs of life, apart from the indestructible chives and mint, mine is just a collection of dead twigs! C’est la vie!

    • The herb border is my favourite (just don’t tell the vegetable beds!). The smell of herbs are lovely and worth growing for that alone!

  5. Your herb garden doesn’t look so bad considering the rubbish weather the plants have had to deal with – so far the spring has been a long way from the Mediterranean ideal!

  6. Your kitties always make me smile! I enjoyed the video Born to Organize posted, too. You could put chicken wire or any kind of small-hole wire over your potato bucket to keep the cats out. I’m trying to grow potatoes that way, too, this year. I like your espaliered Currants/Gooseberry.

  7. Your very cute cat looks very much like our cat, Tiger – who is equally eager to jump over my seedlings with his brother, Mog. Do you have any nepeta/catmint? I love it and the cats are at the moment too – it’s a good distraction from other things! And your herbs look as if they’re doing really well.

  8. Oh yes, my three cats have a habit of rolling around in the plants too. I always have to cover seedlings and any patch of bare earth to make sure they don’t use it as a litter tray. One of my poor strawberry beds got the ‘treatment’ last year! Catmint is fabulous though. I grow it in a pot by the back door and they go absolutely mad for it!

  9. Hi PJ Girl! Do you cover your bay leaf tree in the winter? I wasn’t sure if they were hardy enough to plant them (I often see them in pots). Cats sure bring excitement to the garden! πŸ˜‰

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