Poorly CatThe cats are safely back from the vets and seem to be really pleased to be home. I’m sure after a couple of days rest they’ll be back to normal. Milo is quite groggy from the anaesthetic and is sleeping it off but Bella is trying really hard not to give in… she’s prowling around and trying hard not to fall asleep sitting up! They’re having a post op check up in a couple of days and they’ll be able to venture outside in a week or so – just in time to help me sow the first seeds  🙂

17 thoughts on “Mee…oww!

  1. Our kitty was down and out for a few days when she had her operation. Thankfully, I survived. The vet assured me that she did fine. He was a bit concerned about how worried I was for the cat though! 🙂

  2. Oh I’ve been thinking about them today! What a very sweet photo. I’m pleased they are safely home and tucked up in bed.

  3. What a day, you must be so relieved. Thank you for the update. Sweet darlings can now be great company in the garden for you. Hugs to all. Your accompanying photo is cute to infinite 😀 xK

  4. Good to hear they’re both doing well – if a bit sleepy. How are you holding up – have they made you feel good and guilty about the whole thing?

  5. Aaaaaaaw!!! What a gorgeous photo!! They have a little bed??!!! That is just tooo cute : ) I’m so pleased they’re both ok. I would love to give them a little cuddle xo

  6. Aaaww that’s a very cute kitty! Good to hear you are all getting through the operations fine – necessary stuff, but once it’s done things are so much better for all of you 🙂

  7. I gotta say the same thing everyone else said — cute kitty bed! Do they each have a kitty bed like that? You must have gotten the groggy kitty for that shot. Mine won’t cooperate for any kind of photography.

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