A letter to my blog…

It’s been just over six months since you were born. It was a cold, dark day on the 8th February and small love hearts were strewn around ready for Valentine’s Day. It was a surprisingly easy birth, mainly thanks to the WordPress Midwives who helped immensely with the delivery! As soon as I saw you I fell in love…

Before you arrived I’d spent many long, enjoyable hours drooling over seed catalogues, reading blogs and researching planting methods. The Kitchen Garden garden was everything I dreamed of and once the raised beds were completed it seemed the most natural thing in the world to want a blog of my own.

Brand new and ready to plant!

It wasn’t as scarey as I thought. My main reason for bringing you into the world was to leave a little piece of me behind. I wanted to record a small part of my life, not for glory or recognition, but just so I can look back and smile at all the good times. None of my family or friends know that you exist… your my perfect secret. Only my gorgeous husband is aware. I think when you’re a little older I’ll introduce you to the clan but, until then, I’ll nuture you some more and enjoy our secret.

Six months on and look how much has grown!

The best thing about you being in my life is that we are in touch with people from all over the world… when things have become a little strained (you are good most of the time but occasionally I wonder what I’m doing) a comment pops up, warms my heart and I’m ready to carry on. What a lovely bunch of people. Here’s to your next six months dear blog!