Let It Rain

The rain has been awful… this morning whilst at work the sky very quickly darkened. It was strange and eerie and nobody could believe how quickly the sky had turned black! In fact, all over town street lights were turning on as if it was dusk. My first concerns were for the poor chickens… they surely must be terrified?! I then had a reassuring thought… if it was dark enough for the street lights to be fooled then hopefully the chickens will be fooled and safely go and roost!

And what would happen to the Kitchen Garden? It’s just starting to be productive and the sweetpeas are starting to flower…  Oh well, worrying wasn’t going to help the situation!

So, like a regular Pollyanna, I decided to play the Glad Game and look on the bright side of this particular storm…

I’m glad to have a chance to wear a favourite rain coat that was put away after Spring…..

I’m glad (more like ecstatically happy) to indulge my umbrella addiction a some more. I learnt a while ago that they only get lost if you take them for granted…

And it reminded me how desperately I need to buy new wellies! My last ones split, so in my wisdom, I decided to hold off buying a new pair until the weather started to get chilly again in Autumn!! I love the Hunter wellies but I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to colour… the red ones are great but my favourite colour is purple. The Navy Blue ones are classic but the glossy Raspberry ones look so much fun. Decisions, decisions….

I arrived home to a flooded driveway, no power and a flattened peony – but I’m so glad that my lovely chickens looked dry and well… and the Kitchen Garden was pretty much unscathed! If it stops raining over the weekend I’ll take some more photos 🙂