Cow Parsley

Cow Parsley in a vase


I love May for many reasons… but I think my favourite reason is the appearance of the beautiful Cow Parsley. Around the lanes the verges are transformed into soft, frothy covered corridors that make any journey to work so much more pleasant!

I know that most people see these plants as weeds but there is something so intriguing about a plant that has such delicate flowers but is as tough as old boots!

We were never allowed to bring Cow Parsley into the house when we were young as it was viewed by my superstitious family as extremely unlucky (along with Peacock feathers & Hawthorn… but that’s another story!). In many areas Cow Parsley was known as “Mother-Die” as it was believed that death would befall the Mother in the household if this flower was bought indoors. I’m not overly superstitious but I’d hate to tempt fate so the Cow Parsley can stay outside in the fields!

The flowers look lovely in a vase (picture on left downloaded from Pinterest) but they do drop their flowers very quickly when cut so are better for outdoor arrangements… or left where they grow!

What a difference a week makes in May! The greens are so… green! There is new growth and sense of “make haste” everywhere and this is made even better by the longer days and the return of the swallows.

Mr Fox is prowling very close to the lovely chickens but their enclosure is doing a good job of keeping him out. As much as I love to let the girls out to have a scratch and stretch their wings they will be safely staying put until the fox has moved on!

The rabbits have behaved themselves too and the garden sign remains in place. This is especially important as the lettuce leaves and carrots look particularly good!

I don’t think there are too many people that remember the old fashioned superstitions and remedies… and what a shame that is! Some are based on common sense, others are from a time when history was passed on through story telling and finally some were family traditions and superstitions (like the image of an elephant should not be kept in the house as it’s extremely bad luck… I think that this is just my family though!!??). It’s a mad world… but wouldn’t it be a little dull otherwise?