New Chickens!

Easter is in the air and there is no better time to adopt chickens! We welcomed six new girls to our flock yesterday… you can only see five in the picture below as number six kept hiding! We chose an assortment of different colours and hopefully we’ll be getting extra eggs soon too. Some of the eggs should have blue shells, and although this doesn’t affect the flavour, they’ll look really pretty in the egg basket! 

The new girls!We haven’t decided names yet as we need to get to know them a little better 🙂
We discovered that one of the chickens is blind in one eye! We were informed by the seller that this is a deformity from birth (not trauma or infection). She explained that the bird is healthy and will lay well but we could choose to exchange her if we were concerned at all. Mmm, this was an easy decision! The little one-eyed chicken seems really happy and it’s our privilege to give her a happy home… if it doesn’t bother her why should it bother us?  We just need to find a good Pirate name for her now!