Vintage Typewriter ♥

Imperial Typewriter

I love vintage things and I’ve been trying to figure out the reason why.  I know that they have a certain look, feel and smell (yes, smell!) that appeals to me but it’s not just that. It’s hard to explain but these things are a link to a past I’ve never known but one that I belong to. It’s also because I get the chance to use things that have been used and loved before – there’s something that makes me want to touch and hold these things and they seem to sing when I do! I blame it on Bagpuss the old children’s tv programme – I’ve always loved this saggy old cloth cat and will probably add him to my blog some time soon (but I need to spend a good amount of time on it to do him justice!).


To save the house resembling a junk shop I am disciplined and only buy things that really speak to me . This beautiful vintage typewriter came into my life a couple of weeks ago and all she really needs is a new ribbon… not bad for a 70 year old girl!

Vintage Typewriter

It’s so sad to think that many of these vintage typewriters are being snapped up by jewellery makers who then cut off their keys and make charms and pendants from them. I know some of these old typewriters will be in a terrible condition, and I’m a big fan of recycling things, but there must be some perfectly good machines being destroyed. I’ve promised my husband that I won’t  set up a rescue home for unwanted typewriters – but I would seriously urge you to rehome one if you can! These old typewriters take up very little room, don’t need to be fed very often (just the occasional sheet of paper) and are generally well behaved. On the down side you will risk breaking your nails when typing but most gardeners and crafters don’t have perfectly manicured nails anyway.

Tabby Kittens

 Happy Valentine’s Day x

(We’re also half way  through February – Hooray!!)

29 thoughts on “Vintage Typewriter ♥

  1. Loving the typewriter, I know my better half would like one, along with an old manikin, more TG Green pottery, a vintage phone…..On second thoughts I won’t mention the typewriter just yet 🙂

    • It’s funny but I remembered the post you did a little while ago about the old gardening tools. They really are lovely – and so expensive even in their broken state! I’m looking for an old fork next 🙂

  2. Lovely old typewriter BUT they are very unforgiving. If you make the tiniest mistake, there’s no ‘Backspace’ key and if you get a paragraph out of context, you can’t cut and paste it somewhere else.
    Just look at it – don’t try to work on it!

    • I quite agree – I have a lovely, shiny Mac laptop and wouldn’t swap it with anything else. These vintage items remind us how good we’ve got it as 70 years ago they didn’t even have tippex so accuracy would have been essential. The Imperial doesn’t have spell checker either so a lot of folks would struggle without this too 😉
      I learnt to type in school and if we made a mistake we had to start again… I hated it (too many quick, brown foxes!).

  3. Yes, nearly spring! Your post reminded me of a lady who worked in my father’s office – when I was little I would watch as she banged away on a huge old typewriter… with false fingernails! I never saw her break one! I look forward to your post on Emily’s best friend. 😀 (Oh, and your kitties get cuter by the day!)

  4. PJ – I bought a vintage typewriter a few years back. It needed the new ribbon AND a good cleaning which I had done by a typewriter shop (can you imagine them still being around). I, too, have an attraction to vintage items. Often these things are better made (for sure, they were not made in China back then) and they are NOT plastic. Respect for the past, as you mentioned, is part of it. Thanks for this post.

    • There are a lot of shops that no longer exist… technology has moved the world on so much but many things have been left behind. Vintage items are fascinating and there seems to be a renewed interest which is good.

  5. I’d love to rehome one of those old typewriters! I got plenty of space for at least one, maybe a pair of siblings 🙂 Not sure if I would write that much on them though, I am terrible at writing typos, what would I do without my Ctrl – Z, Ctrl – C, and Ctrl – V ??
    (I know it’s different on a MAC, but similar I think…)
    Oh, and your kittens are so cute!

    • The beauty with rehoming these is you don’t have to use them… other people will love them so much that they will be drawn to the typewriter and instantly plonk away (rather like having a piano in the corner).
      They are just lovely to have around and admire rather than punch out letters on. The kittens are extra cute and extra cheeky at the moment x

  6. What a fabulous looking machine. I see why you feel in love with it. I am afraid my fingers are out of practice as typing on a keyboard requires a much lighter touch. I embrace vintage things to educate my children of the days of old! They have it so easy now 🙂

    • Each generation has it so much easier… and so much harder too! We have so many labour saving devices (washing machines, dishwashers etc) but so little time. These things have revolutionised house work to the point of making us busy doing other things.
      I think vintage items help to bring history alive so it’s wonderful that children are involved.

  7. She’s a beauty. I’m sure for your garden birds but thanks for the Cranberry Valentine, so cute and your lovely little quote was sublime. I laughed when you mentioned the smell of vintage treasure. I thought I was they only one who noticed that. I also adopted a homeless vintage typewriter, which is of course Aqua. It is pretty low maintenance and never needs a walk, HA (you’re so funny). It sits on my desk and I just adore it. Mines from the 70’s though, kind of mod and more kitschy than beautiful. I finally found someone with old ribbons and bought three. What I had to do was put the new ribbon on the old spools.

    Bella and Milo are ever so cute. and the perfect end to my day. They still look like kittens, little bundles of joy. Happy Valentine’s PJ! xK

    • The typewriters from the 60’s and 70’s are equally as charming… and of course you have an aqua one!! I can imagine that you love the whole kitsch vibe… it would suit your personality and favourite colours perfectly.
      On a separate note, thank you for your email… my account has locked for some reason so I can receive mail but not send it. I’m hoping to get this sorted this weekend so look out for a reply x

      • Ah yes, technology can be uncooperative at times. How inconvenient. I’ll watch for that along the way, thanks for the heads up PJ. We are off to a Winefest, an invite from my husbands work associate. Cab should just be around in a minute…I see a ‘sleep-in’ in my future…. HA. xK

  8. Wow! That typewriter is gorgeous! Shocking how someone would disassemble those and turn them into jewelry? Looks in really good condition too. Aw, Bagpuss, what a gorgeous cat but not as cute as Mylo and Bella! They’re tooo cute! 🙂

  9. I am so sad when I see that jewellery – the definition of upcycling is that you make something better than the original item and that just isn’t always the case with people who are trying to cash in on the current trend. I make it clear that when I cut up books to make jewellery they are the most ragged, drawn in, broken down books imaginable and are definitely more useful as earrings! To me, if a book is in good condition it has greater value AS a book than as jewellery.

    I am in love with vintage sewing machines and they too have ‘that’ smell. And the simple, rugged construction means they will go on forever. And the shapes are so gorgeous!

    Your blog is gorgeous and I love your illustrations x

  10. Ah yes, Bagpuss. I used to work for someone who was nicknamed that (not to his face!) because he was always nodding off in meetings!! And I love the typewriter, I can almost smell it too as I learnt to type when I was about 12 on a ‘manual’, I seem to think it was even before Tipex was invented because I had a pencil shaped eraser with a brush on one end for rubbing out mistakes!!

  11. I just got the same Imperial typewriter like yours yesterday. My friend brought back from London for me and I totally love mine. Altogether I have rescued 12 typewriters and sold 1 of the typewriter to a friend.

    • I love the fact you rescue typewriters – you’re a heroine! I will probably end up with a collection of them as they certainly appeal to me. Thanks for visiting my little blog x

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