February Blahs

February is my least favourite month. It has the fewest days compared to other months but somehow seems to drag on and on. Even when February seems to be trotting along quite nicely… bam! an extra pesky day sneaks in. Admittedly, this extra day only occurs once every four years but (come on!!!) couldn’t it happen during Summer when an extra day would be nice?!!
Maybe my aversion to February is because I hate having to wait for Spring… I have a whole list of things I can do in March but February delights in taking it’s sweet time :-). Am I the only one to have an unexplained aversion to a month? Surely not, but I confess that I also dislike Tuesdays (but that is less logical than the February saga)!

Feb View
The snow has finally gone, and although we’re expecting more during the week, it was lovely to be able to enjoy the green fields through the Garden Room windows again. It’s great to watch the storms roll over and try and guess what time the rain will arrive.
In the Garden Room, high up in the rafters, is a little carved wooden snail called Brian who looks down on us as we pass by. He moves extremely slowly so he’s usually not a problem to catch and dust.


Whilst I was wobbling on tiptoes with a duster in hand, I happened to glance across at the windows. The sun was shining through the glass and shaming me into wanting to clean the windows but for once I wasn’t too concerned because there was, quite obviously, a leftover Christmas sign!!
Eek! The question is – do I leave it up for the rest of the year (it has taken me until February to notice it!) or take it down and hide it in the rubbish drawer?

The One That Got Away

46 thoughts on “February Blahs

  1. Write the word ‘February’ in cheery handwriting on a piece of paper and stick it over the word ‘Christmas’. Then you have an excuse for leaving the sign up, and a reminder that February might not be as bad as all that after all! Just think – only a few weeks now until spring…

  2. Yes definitely leave it up! I think it’s cute πŸ™‚ sorry to hear you’re not a fan of Feb. It’s January that I don’t like, I find it drags on and it’s constantly grey. The night’s really start to get lighter this month though so I see Feb as a real turning point. Spring is definitely on its way. X

    • I’m a peculiar creature really… no rhyme or reason but February is best once done! Spring is always worth looking forward to and I agree that the lighter nights are a cheery thought.

  3. I’m with Anna. I have a distinct aversion to January. February is a slight improvement. Until its properly spring we will have to do like Dory (Finding Nemo) and “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”!

    • Maybe I need to learn how to crochet and make myself a February blanket… I find January quite refreshing after the excesses of Christmas and March is positively Spring like but February is still blah (still swimming, swimming, swimming!) πŸ™‚

  4. I find February usually goes very quickly, and my father’s birthday is on the last day of the month, when we have it – i.e. on the 29th – so that’s something to look forward to. How is that for a sad birthday, only getting it every 4th year!! My father celebrated his 18th birthday last year, it was funny when we were young, all of us kids got older than him, one after the other, then even the dog got older than him! Yes, February is a nice month for me, and then as soon as it’s over, its SPRING!

    I agree that you should keep the sign, just tape a note over it and write something else until December!

    • Your poor Dad… February is mean making someone so much younger than their children! Okay, I’ll keep the sign and change the Christmas to something more appropriate (the Christmas decorations are back in the loft so there’s no hope in it returning to the other decorations this year).

  5. haha – I have found leftover Christmas items in the past months after Christmas, too. Usually in a guest bathroom or some other such place. I agree with you – let’s vote February out – then we can go from January straight to March!

    • I shouldn’t be too surprised as I’m still singing Christmas songs and eating Christmas cake. March is the most anticipated month for sure!

  6. Yes, I know what you mean, by the time February comes, I am utterly fed up with the wind ravaging my veg and my permanent ‘Uist hair’ (A bird’s nest created by same wind). I’m going to remedy this by leaving the island for a couple of weeks and I WILL return to the perfect spring days of March πŸ™‚ PS I’d have to hide the sign, knowing it was there and leaving it would be a challenge for me.

    • The winds must be fierce with you at the moment! I have a funny vision of all the folks from Uist having “Edward Scissorhands” types of hairstyles sculptured by the wind. I’m a contrary madam so whilst I love tradition I love to defy it too… the sign will remain me thinks πŸ™‚

  7. Hey Girly Girl, plant some peas and sweet pea seeds in a couple of weeks. Spring will be here before you know it. Maybe I will even start blogging again!? Who knows. I am wishing you a NORMAL Spring and Summer with a lot of sunshiney days. You deserve them. πŸ™‚ Stay Calm and Garden ON.

    • Hello Susan! I wondered where my Blog Buddy had been. It’s so nice to hear from you again and hope you’re keeping well? I’ve missed your charming garden and sincerely hope that you’ll start to blog again soon. Thanks for dropping by… much love PJ x

  8. Oh it’s so nice and green out your windows, that’s such a nice treat. The hubby and I walked 11 km today and it was entirely slushy due to mind weather. Our spring is a muddy mess. There’s tons of melting snow mixed with sand that they throw down all winter to cover icey roads. I fancy June much more, by then, the roads have been swept clean, and garden baskets have been planted with dreams of a spectacular show in come July. Brian is so whimsical and unexpected, love that. I still have my aqua tree set up in the craft room with vintage ornaments LOL….so I’d be a kettle telling the pot any advise about Christmas decor…LOL

    • I knew that you’d appreciate Brian… he’s an acquired taste and only the most special people can see his attractiveness. Your vintage ornaments are so lovely that I’d want them by for inspiration. Life’s too short for packing things we love away in boxes… even the accidental left overs πŸ™‚

  9. I say act like an ancient Roman and ignore the first two months of the year. Just start with March. I pretty sure they just hid underground and slept for sixty days. I’m also pretty sure my teenagers are ancient Romans.

  10. I enjoy February because things slow down and we sometimes have nice family days at home together. I’ll be hoping that it passes quickly for you though PJ. I think that beautiful view must help just a little bit!

    • That’s so nice Michele and family times are so important. For some reason this is usually the busiest time for myself and husband at work and there are always repairs to be done at home. At least when the warmer weather comes it also brings longer days and I get to see my chickens in daylight during the week! We’re very lucky and the view does help… February is still Blah here though x

  11. At work, we still have some Christmas tinsel up – your decoration looks a whole lot more tasteful than that!
    Anyway, sorry you have this aversion to February. I really love it…. but I must remember to sow the crimson-flowered broadbeans you do admired last year. I just the wind to die down so I can get digging. I hope there is no snow this week πŸ˜‰

  12. My spring arrives (in the mountains of PA) so much later than yours that I really don’t like Jan, Feb, March or the first couple of weeks of April. By then I am starting to venture out into the garden. I’m traveling to England next week — it will be good to get away from the snow and ice here. Your view is amazing! P. x

  13. You have a snail named Brian? That is stupendous! I’d leave the sign up – just for fun. February is really blah here, too. Not anywhere near as green as your patch of Earth. Just boring boring brown for miles.

  14. I have found February much harder since I became a gardener. Bulbs are sprouting but not in flower, it’s too early to plant most seeds unless you have a greenhouse/propagator and it feels too cold to go out and start tidying up the dead perennials and pruning. I am like a dog with its nose presssed up against the window all the time, restless to get outside.

  15. I’m slowly catching up, PJ, and delighted to read this post. February is my least favorite month too! It always has been. Like you, I feel it stands in the way of spring. Further, though we can hardly complain about our California weather, well…I’m going to complain anyway. February is always cold and dry and windy. My skins suffers. My hair suffers. My attitude suffers. Blah, blah, blah.

    Your view is magnificent. I don’t know how you leave every day for work. It’s incredible. I suppose one has to work to pay for that beauty, so, carry on. Love, love, love it.

    Great post. They always are.

      • I hope you don’t feel rope into the Craft it Forward challenge? I really wanted everyone so commented to have a go at it. I’ve read your blog and was delighted with your approach. Need to head over there with my comments.

        It’s so good to be getting to know you, PJ.

  16. January is the icky month for me. February is full of hearts and romance!!! The dairy goats are beginning to show their ‘baby bumps’ [can’t tell w/the sheep are just big and wooly], seed catalogs begin to arrive, daylight is longer and hopefully we’ve rounded the corner on winter… πŸ˜€

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