Wonderful White Stuff

The snow is lovely but the wildlife is certainly suffering a bit. The birds seem to strip the feeders as fast as we can fill them up and it’s a job to stop the drinking water from freezing. I’m giving them left over scraps and fruit cake so they’ve now invited their mates over too!
Goosey sadly died in the week. This was not unexpected as she’d not been herself for quite a few days, looked tired and frail. We gave her some extra vitamins and checked her over but at six years old she’d had a good life. Β She looked like she had died peacefully in her sleep and I’m so relieved that she didn’t have to put up with the snow! The other chickens seemed a bit quieter than usual – I’m not sure if chickens feel loss but it wouldn’t surprise me as Goosey was their boss for a long time and it must have seemed strange to them. We built a little SnowChicken in the enclosure… Goosey would have pecked those little sunflowers seed eyes out in a jiffy!


We spent some time today in the chicken enclosure and cleared some paths for them to make it easier to walk around. They don’t seem too bothered about the snow although I’m worried about them getting hypothermia. The only one who doesn’t venture very far is Bluebell, one of the new girls, who has decided to have her first moult and looks perished… I’m tempted to knit her a little jacket but I know that she wouldn’t want to be seen in it unless she had the shoes to match!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Bella and Milo so here’s a bit of a catch up. They’ve both really made themselves at home and it feels as though they’ve been a part of our lives forever. They get on really well together and if they’re separated for any reason start mewling until they find one another. I can’t believe that they’re four months old already.


They both seem to have a mild obsession with water – dripping taps, water bowls, rain on the window panes. Milo especially loves to flick the water out of his bowl and even stands with his paws in it! They don’t bother with the sink in the kitchen but they love to sit in the utility room sink and poddle little wet footprints everywhere!

MiloCatI’m not sure why Milo looks a little cross-eyed in the photo above… he’s not normally!

40 thoughts on “Wonderful White Stuff

  1. So sorry about Goosey. At least you know she had a great life. You have many furry and feathered babies to tend to. Re. the kitties, some must have a special water-loving gene. I’ve seen some lie under a sink faucet and willingly drench themselves.

    • I think the kittens are half cat and half duck! When they even hear a tap running they run towards it so it’s good to know that some cats are just predisposed to water πŸ™‚

  2. I love your snowy tribute to Goosey – it will be interesting to see if the chickens will soon find a new leader… Those kittens are just adorable – lovely photos of them!

    • I’m sure that they’ll get back into some sort of pecking order soon. There are two more older hens (Goosey’s sisters) that stand no nonsense so I’m sure that they’ll rise to the challenge. The cats are a lot easier to photograph than the chickens!

  3. Sorry to here of Goosey’s departure, she couldn’t have had a better life by the sounds of it. I would like to see a knitted jacket and matching shoes for Bluebell! The kitties are looking very grown up – although they will behave like kittens for years, no doubt. Hope snow isn’t causing too many other problems for you – not so much as a flake here, Tracey

    • The snow is a nightmare and I’m already concerned about trying to drive to work tomorrow! I love snow when I can stay at home but travelling is a real problem. Knitting the jacket wouldn’t be as difficult as trying to persuade Bluebell to wear it. I tried to take a photo of her yesterday but she was having none of it!

    • Thanks… my husband added the little snow tail but when we looked at it last night we suddenly thought it looked like Goosey poking from behind a snow man in the photo!!!

  4. Aaawwww shame about Goosey. And the wildlife is suffering here too. The snow must have forced a field mouse indoors because Trouble (our cat) has just brought it to us! It didn’t seem too injured so Mr P scooped it up. I made him put it in the shed rather than out in the snow, poor thing. No doubt the cat will catch it again next week!!

    • I love the name Trouble… I might call Bella that! You sound as soft as me when it comes to wildlife as I hate the thought of them being cold and hurt x

  5. Lovely snow tribute, the Snow Goosey must have different snow than we have too, the stuff that came down over London was like powder.

    Your cat Milo looks just like my brown tabby! (minus nearly 11 years….) All the cats I have had over the years have been very interested in playing with water when they were young – and then lost interest as they got older. I had a Norwegian Forestcat (long haired, big, big cat) I used to give a bath when he was too muddy! I just filled the bath tub with 6 inches of lukewarm water and lifted him in, he would stand there and let me wash him and then lift him out again, as if that was completely natural for a cat to do!!

    Your kittens look so lovely, I’d love to have kittens again, they just grow up so fast πŸ™‚

    • We’ve had quite a bit of snow – only powdery today but I’m sure more is to come! As for the cats… at first I wondered if it was because they couldn’t see the water in the bowl and kept testing it with their paws before drinking. I now realise that they just like having a good old splash! Your tabby and Milo are alike!

  6. Big hug PJ, I’m so sorry about your Goosey. I know that must have been hard. Your snow tribute is charming and sweet. I hope the snow won’t be to harsh for all your other critters.

    Thanks for the update on sweet Milo and Bella, I am in love…they are too dear for words. They still look like kittens to me, but I’m sure they’re changing fast. I think watching kittens discover their little world is just magic. I know our two munchkins are so attached to each other…snuggling together as I type this. It’s great that Bello & Milo have each other to play or nap together.

    • The snow here is very minimal compared to what you experience but we don’t cope with it very well (wildlife included in this!). Milo and Bella sleep together with their paws wrapped around each other – they are gorgeous! Thanks for your hug x

  7. Sorry to hear about the loss of your goose. I’d love to keep chickens,etc but I would get far too attached to them for my own good. Besides, our Springer would no doubt be eyeing them up for dinner!! πŸ™‚

  8. So sorry to hear about Goosey. You’re right to hesitate over knitting a jacket for Bluebell – she may well decide that it needs shoes AND a hat to go with it! I’ve been adding a few drops of cider vinegar to the hens water since I read it was good for them and helps stop the water freezing over – seems to be working. I don’t know if it’s OK to use in the water for the garden birds too.

    • The cider vinegar is a great idea that I haven’t tried… I normally put garlic in the water (no vampires noted since doing this). I’ll definitely put cider vinegar in if it stops it freezing and I’ll do some research about garden birds. Thanks Sarah!

  9. I think Goosey did very well to live that long now she has gone to the great hen coop in the sky. The kittens have certainly grown since you last posted about them – still cute though.

    • I try my best but sometimes feel that it’s not good enough. I go to work in the dark and return in the dark during t he week so try to enjoy the weekend daylight when I can check everything over properly without a torch!

  10. Hello PJ Girl! I can’t believe the kittens are 4 months old already either! So sorry to hear about Goosey 😦 I’m sure she had a wonderful life with you though and I love your snowy tribute to her. xx

    • Goosey had a good life – we’re only sad because we love them so much but it’s all part of the circle of life (okay, I’m sounding a bit like the Lion King now!). X

    • When the time is right you’ll have to get some hens… they’re more delightful and funny than you imagine. You’re welcome to enjoy mine anytime πŸ™‚

  11. Oh I’m sorry to hear about Goosey, PJ. I was told that having chickens isn’t like having family pets, but I’m not sure I believe that… Your snow chicken is too cute! Lovely to hear about your two kittens, too. How adorable they must be!

    • Thanks – Goosey was a good age for a chicken so it was expected. When you love animals it always upsets you when they’re no longer there. The kittens are a very welcome distraction!

  12. Poor you – I’m sorry to read about Goosey.

    The ice chick is a work of art. I constantly fret about our chickens – they look so cold and clearly just want to run around the garden, but the snow is still too deep and I am worried about foxes at the moment, so I am keeping the hens in the run. I hope all the warming drinks I keep bringing them will help them to forgive and forget.

    Your kittens are very sweet – they look so bright and inquisitive.

    • I try to give my hens warm food and extra treats when it’s cold outside. They love jacket potatoes with a little grated cheese or pasta! They’re tougher than I give them credit for but I still can’t understand how their feet don’t freeze off!

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