Baby, it’s cold out there!

Well, it’s finally starting to feel like January around here and after a very wet and mild December we have snow forecast for overnight. It somehow feels wrong not to have frost and chilly winds this time of year and I do like the excuse to wear thick woolly tights and scarves! I’ve recently moved the plant pots to a more sheltered area and the bay tree and fig have been protected as much as I can. There are loads of cobwebs everywhere and even Cedric looks like he’s got whiskers (it makes him look a bit friendlier!). I’ve tried not to be too tidy so that the wildlife can benefit… but it’s messing with my mojo a bit.

Frosty Garden

The chickens are always cause me extra concern this time of year – trust me, if I could scoop them all up and build a giant nest in the house for them I would. My husband constantly reminds me that they have their own little quilts made from feathers but I still fret. We’ve now insulated the hen house and added extra bedding – it doesn’t look pretty but it will hopefully do the job. Goosey, one of the old girls, has slowed down and looks tired so we’ve given her some extra vitamins and do an additional check each night to make sure she’s okay. The other chickens are being really good with her – they’re probably scared that she’ll get better and back to business of being the boss!

Frosty Doodles

I usually like to try something new each year with hope that it will turn into a hobby and so in November I enrolled onto a watercolour lettering class withΒ Val Webb. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of seeing any of Val’s artwork then I strongly recommend her website especially if you like faeries, nature and all things whimsical (Alys – you’ll just love it!).
My paintings still need a lot of work but I really don’t mind as I’ve found the whole process of water colouring SOOOooo relaxing that the end result of a more chilled out me is always worth while. Her instructions are clear and practical and I’m really looking forward to practicing some more.
I helped my sister and family move house last weekend and I gave her the painting below in place of a New Home card.

Home watercolour

Must go – although I have so much to write since I last blogged. Work and homelife have been really busy since new year so this is the first time I’ve had chance to post in 2013 and I’ve missed it! I’ve also missed following my favourite blogs so I’ll make sure to spend a little time each night after work in Blogland catching up with them all.Β I hope to include the kittens in a post very soon X

45 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold out there!

    • We have snow too – in fact it’s been snowing all day and sometimes looks horizontal. Good timing with digging the veg bed – it will be Spring before you know it πŸ˜‰

  1. It is very cold, we are on amber alert for snow tonight too. I was in the garden today and thought I will have to chop back some of the dead ferns otherwise I won’t be able to see the snowdrops coming up soon.

  2. Yes it is cold – very cold. Snow is forecast for tomorrow, but that’s a good excuse to light the fire and settle down with a good movie (or the seed catalogues!) A very happy new gardening year to you!

    • I love thinking of cold weather things to do (housework doesn’t count!). I’ve already started to drool over the seed catalogues and read two of the books I had from Christmas. There’s nothing nicer than lighting a fire and cuddling up with the cats whilst watching a film…. even a bad one x

    • Arrrhh… thanks Michele, you say the kindest things! I missed blogging too but when life is unexpectedly busy it’s better to let go of some things temporarily else I find the pressure of “having” to do something spoils my enjoyment of “wanting” to do it. At least this way I have loads of things to blog about!

  3. The cold is a worry when you have animals. I was watching our chickens pecking around in the snow (only a light dusting, but I wouldn’t have gone out in it without footwear) and I so wanted to knit them some socks.

    What a lovely picture! I am so impressed that you try a new hobby each year.

    • Knitted chicken socks – what a good idea! They could have little bonnets too. Unfortunately the snow is above the level of their legs so maybe a waterproof onesie is called for!
      I’m not very good at sticking at things… so it is easier for me to start new hobbies afresh without guilt.

  4. I’m beginning to show signs of severe winter crankiness. I’m suffering from Jack Frost Malfeasance. Where is he???
    I’m at least grateful someone will be receiving some winter wonderland. Make a snow angel for me, okay?
    My children are tired of hearing me complain to them about global warming. I’m heading out to the barn to lecture the livestock. EAT YOUR BEANO!

    • LOL! I hope your animals listen to you – it’s helpful that they’re a captive audience. I’m hoping to venture into the snow this weekend πŸ™‚

  5. Your garden photo’s are what fine magazine layouts are made of, just fantastic PJ. I loved the photo’s of the chicken looks like they are penned in with fine lace work, very fancy, Ha. Cedric looks pouty, maybe he’s getting lonely out there. I skipped over to Val’s site and bookmarked for a go back, looks fun but I simply can’t take on another thing. Totally awesome gift you’ve made for you sister, I’m really impressed ! I’ll be anxiously awaiting your update on Milo and Bella, they look positively precious up there in your header. Happy New Year BTW πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your sweet comments! It’s quite snowy here now (nothing compared to Canada but enough to disrupt the UK!).
      Milo and bella have grown SO much but I’m wondering at what age they’ll start to plot evil things… your post scared me!!
      Happy New Year to you too x

      • I imagine winter would cause plenty of road worries over there. If you aren’t used to driving it, look out. Here too. Up north they shut down a hi-way for 2 days…completely. It had warmed up and then got cold again and the road was too icey.

        Milo & Bella don’t look like they have an evil bone in their cute fluffy little bodies….I predict you are perfectly secure!! LOL

  6. Love your photos! I struggle with making “grey day” photos look good, but you nailed it! I almost bought some chickens a few months ago, but decided to hold off until my toddler gets a bit older so I would have more time to deal with them during winters!

    • Most of our days are a shade of grey so I suppose I’ve got used to it! Chickens make the most delightful pets but they do need some extra care in winter.

  7. What a lovely catch-up, PJ. I’m glad you are getting a little snow.

    How is the old girl managing with her extra vitamins? I would be worrying about them, too. It sounds like you’ve cozied up the place nicely, though.

    Good for you for embarking on a new hobby. The water color is lovely. I’m going to check our your instructor’s site next. Can’t wait.

    I hope life calms down soon.

    • Unfortunately, Goosie didn’t make it but died peacefully in her sleep in the week. She had a very happy life and was one of our oldest girls so it wasn’t unexpected. The other chickens seem to be managing well in the snow as long as they get some extra food and scraps.

  8. Hi PJ, have been looking for you, good to have you back πŸ™‚
    Your water colour looks absolutely lovely! I am hopeless at things like that, but I can make lovely things on my computer instead. We didn’t get any of the promised, very well hyped up snow, I saw a few flurries earlier today, but that was it, nothing on the ground. Seems like we escaped the snow in London this time too πŸ™‚
    Wrap up warm, it will stay cold for a long time I think!

    • Thanks Helene – what a lovely greeting!
      You paint with plants and your garden is beautiful – have you got much snow in London? We’ve had about 6-8 inches here so far and everything looks beautiful x

  9. We had snow yesterday too, overnight it has turned really icey and treacherous underfoot. When I kept hens they hated it when it snowed and wouldn’t venture out of their hut. Love your watercolour lettering, looking forward to seeing more.

    • I remember that you’ve done watercolouring in the past. I know it sounds silly but I’m not very good at drawing so I decided to do the Lettering Class instead… and I think it’s even harder! I’m really enjoying it though.

  10. I always look at the legs and feet of most birds and wonder how they stand the cold! We have a bunny in the front garden- we have seen the brown flash as he runs for cover. As much as I hate to think about the damage he is doing, I feel a bit sorry for him and all the other wild creatures in the neighbourhood. It is a very tough time of year to find food.
    I love your watercolor artwork! Doing something creative is, as you say, sooo relaxing and fun!

    • I know what you mean…. my fingers go numb inside my gloves this time of year so goodness knows what their little toes feel like! They don’t seem to want to stay indoors so I’ve obviously got tough ones!

    • Val’s a really talented artist and her on-line course is enjoyable. The sessions come through every Friday and you just work at your own pace (which is really slow for me!).

  11. Hi PJ Girl! I hear ya about busy schedules getting in the way of blogging! Glad to see your back, even though it’s taken me a while to get to you! I’m really impressed with your watercolor lettering – what a great gift to your sister! I so want to dive into some yarn projects, I just need a little bit more time in my life… Happy Winter!

    • Some years certainly seem to fly quicker than others! Work is so busy at the moment but I mustn’t complain when there are so many people without work. Have you got much snow over there? x

  12. I am sooooo envious of your watercolor class. I’ve wanted to take one for years but can’t seem to find a local class. Getting caught up on blogland myself today.

    • This is an on-line class (based in the US) and she has students all over the world – no experience necessary and you work at your own pace. I’ve really missed blogging and visiting folks!

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