Cheep Treats

Tweet Treats

I enjoy feeding the feathered Winter visitors in the garden particularly when the ground is frozen and trees are bare. I’m really looking forward to Christmas so I decided to make some festive tree decorations that the birds will love – and if they don’t enjoy them Β at least the tree looks pretty!

Fresh Cranberries
The empty ribbon spool was threaded with ribbon and covered in peanut butter. This was a messy job and despite wearing gloves I managed to get it everywhere (including my slippers)! The spool was then rolled in mixed wild bird seed, and apple was added and finally hung on the tree. I collected a few pine cones from the garden and these were also smeared in peanut butter and seeds. Unfortunately, the only variety of pine cones I have are the long ones (and I really wanted the short, round type but as every good child knows “I want doesn’t get!”) Β so I’m not too pleased with the results…..
….especially as it appears that I’ve hung seed-covered dog poo in the tree!! LOL – honestly, have another look at the first picture!! You’d never see this in Country Living magazine!

Apple and CranberriesThe good news is that the novelty tree is attracting all sorts of creatures, and if you listen really carefully, they can be heard giggling at the sight πŸ™‚

Pheasants and Squirrels

46 thoughts on “Cheep Treats

    • Thanks Anna! It would be extra lovely with the round, fat pine cones! I’m going to try and make some festive shapes next time and treat the chickens to a few tasty snacks… it is Christmas after all πŸ™‚

    • I’m not sure that I’ll get any good photos of the birds as the feeding station is quite a distance from the house and the birds are shy – which I’m grateful for now I have the kittens!

    • Thanks Heidi – we usually take part in the national bird count and pheasants are usually the most common bird in our garden! They live in the Woodlands and once the shooting season starts they take refuge in our garden. The males are beautiful in the sunlight but very stupid!!

  1. We get so tickled by all of the different birds in our yard…..hours of viewing pleasure. I love your idea of leaving them a treat.

    • I really enjoy helping the wildlife along – treats for the birds, a hotel for the insects and a nectar bar for the bees and butterflies. They help me to keep the garden nice πŸ™‚
      I agree that they’re lovely to watch – life would certainly be duller without them x

  2. They look lovely! And I’m sure the creatures are just laughing because they’re happy to have their own edible Christmas decorations! πŸ˜€ I may have to do something like this too, as almost all the berries in the garden and woods nearby have already been eaten… January and February could be a hungry time for the birds. By the way, love the header, with the cute kitten photos!

    • Ohh! That’s why they’re laughing! There were lots of berries around a few weeks ago but the cold snap a couple of weeks ago made the birds raid the larder. Thanks for your kind comments about the header… I’ve decided to have a seasonal theme and the cats were the easiest option!

  3. Once again I’m impressed by your style and creativity! Just don’t let the birds in my garden know about these festive edible treats – really don’t think I’m up to recreating this amazing display!

  4. How very lovely, caring and thoughtful to put up such yummy snacks for your feathered friends. I’m sure your slippers will be a tempting treat for your other two little friends πŸ˜‰ I cracked up at the pine cone dilemma….you’re such a gas. (if they don’t say that in the UK, it’s a good thing LOL). I want to do something fun like this too. Loved your little squirrel visiter too.

    • The little squirrel is certainly a funny character – he ignores the peanuts and just dips his face into the feeders (I’d do the same if I was a squirrel!!).
      Thanks for the clarification of gas…. it means something else here (gas bag eg someone who is full of hot air and talks too much!LOL!!).

    • I’m trying to think of something for the ground feeding birds as the blackbirds just sit underneath waiting for the crumbs. Unfortunately the pheasants snaffle them before they get a look in!

  5. I bet all the birds want to eat at your house! I have never tried hanging fruit before, but you have me tempted with the chain of cranberries and the apple. It would make the magnolia tree in the front garden look mighty festive.

  6. You’ve got me smiling away, here. Those lucky little critters. How sweet of you to make them festive and nutritious snacks. I don’t think the pine cones look like dog poo, but I’m still laughing at the thought of it. Charming post, PJ.

    • That’s kind of you to say Alys…. but it looks even more like the brown stuff now the birds have had a good old peck!! the funny thing is that yesterday my Mum gave me a big bag of round pine cones that I could have used. There’s no learning without mistakes though πŸ™‚

  7. You brought a smile to my face this morning. As long as everything tastes good, I’m sure the critters appreciated the effort. Did you cats get to lick the peanut butter off your slippers? : )

    • I think that the birds are hungry enough to eat anything. I didn’t allow the kittens to eat the peanut butter in case they got the taste and start climbing the bird feeders!! πŸ™‚

  8. this is a great project to do with my kids on a winter day… do you think they would mind soy butter instead of peanut butter? I’ll have to check around and make sure it won’t hurt the birds..

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