What’s in a name?

There are certain years when I go mad with the decorations and every spare surface in the house is festooned with sparkly delights. Other years I am quite restrained and understated in my approach… and I never have a plan before I begin. I obviously channel Dolly Parton in my more colourful years (oooh, and I do love a bit of Dolly) but this year was more subdued like Grace Kelly so most of the bling has gone back to the attic.


The Christmas tree and hearth are pretty traditional but the rest of the house is decorated with muted gold and silver.


The Garden Room has neutral furnishings so it’s easy to decorate it with any colour scheme possible. This year it’s simply twinkle lights and a seasonal display on the sideboard. The tree is situated at the other end of the room and I’ll post some more photos of that next weekend.

Garden Room

The kittens are doing really well and are so cute. There are little paw prints everywhere… and I don’t mind a bit! I’ve registered them with a vet and have booked them in for their vaccinations next week. We’ve finally decided to KEEP the names that they were given at birth – mainly because we couldn’t agree on any other names (what’s wrong with Arthur??).


So, finally (drum roll please….) the brown tabby boy is called Milo which means soldier.


… and the beautiful little grey tabby girl is appropriately called Bella.

They play really well together and curl up entwined, all paws and whiskers, to go to sleep. So this really is the start of another happy chapter but there is one thing that I need to get off my chest. My little sister visited last weekend and fussed over the kittens. She thought the names were great and said that they really suited them…. especially as they were obviously named after two of The Tweenies! Aaarrggghhh!!! LOL!

We love you anyway Milo & Bella x x


39 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. The Garden Room is really beautiful. Milo and Bella, will fit in well (and are cuter than Tweenies anyway). My croft house is awaiting renovation – and it will be protracted, so I would love a space like that. Oh well, one day….

    • We had to wait a long time for our garden room but now we have it if feels as if it’s always been part of the house. Good luck with future renovations… and how lucky to have a croft house!

  2. Where to start, where to start!!! Your garden room is gorgeous, decorated and otherwise. I love that room. Your subtle Christmas decor works beautifully, and given the adventurous nature of kittens, probably less for them to get into this year.

    Milo and Bella are a sight to behold. I want go snuggle up with those two in your restful garden room. I’m so glad they found their way into your home, PJ.

    You are all set for a restful holiday! ♥♥♥

    • Thanks Alys – the kittens aren’t left unsupervised in this part of the house so the christmas tree should be fairly safe. It will be fun wrapping presents with them around though!

      • That it will! I have several pics of various cats under the tree. Boomdee tells me she has some too. We’ll have to organize a blog hop where we send people from your blog to hers to mine and anyone else with cats under the tree pics that want to join in. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  3. You’re hired. I’ll have the teapot going when you get here, and plenty of extension cords at the ready. 🙂
    And I seriously believe cats laugh hysterically when we give them a moniker. Calling them by name in an attempt to get them to come to us is like trying to convince them that swimming is a good idea.

    • I’ve been thinking about a change in career – Transatlantic Seasonal Decorator will do nicely but you may get the Dolly version!
      Our cats already own us and have their paws firmly under the table 🙂

  4. I have wanted a screened in garden room my entire adult life. I love the timbers and the flooring and nature just beyond…stunning PJ. You’re smart to go neutral with the bones…so many options for the holidays, spring, summer.

    Now those little munchkins are too adorable for words. Their little fuzzy-wuzzy kitten coats are to-die-for. Milo and Bella seems perfect too. I simply could not leave them alone, the house would be in shambles, no meals would be made. Heavenly little souls. I wouldn’t have known they were puppet characters (that happens when you don’t have kids)

    Thanks for a peek at your decorating, looking forward to the tree! 🙂

    PS, I’m reading ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ on holidays. It’s about a homeless London fellow who adopts a homeless cat. Have you heard of it? It’s very dear.

    • The book you mentioned is on the bestseller list over here so I’m sure to read it eventually – it has very good reviews. I have an addiction to books and they surround my life completely so I have promised to read the ones that I should have read months ago!
      The views at the back of the house are really lovely so we decided as soon as we moved in to extend the property and make it as light and airy as possible… we really pleased with the results (no Lake though!!).

    • Thanks Karin – I’m in danger of becoming kittie obsessed though. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in two weeks so I’m enjoying every day of them being young x

  5. Those kittens are so gorgeous – and their names suit them perfectly. And now I’m just slightly envious of your garden room, but having seen the photos of the garden I should have known that your house would be lovely too!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment – this part of the house is really nice but we’ve also got quite a few rooms that still need major work (kitchen, snug, office, bedrooms) and we even have one room without windows!

    • They’ve been acting very restrained around the christmas tree – but I have to admit they’re not left unsupervised near it! I have visions of it crashing down and squashing them!

  6. I bounce backwards and forwards on decorating too. Currently my inner Dolly is at the fore front. She would pick the year we are temporarily renting (no hanging stuff on walls etc} and most of our belongings are in boxes. Milo and Bella are adorable.
    Have a Very Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks Susa – I’ve just been over to your blog and tried to leave a comment but seem to have failed! I loved your heartfelt Christmas post (especially the story about the tree candles!). Merry Christmas to you too x

    • They certainly are cute little rascals!
      It’s lovely to hear from you again – enjoyed reading your post and looking at your frosty pictures (especially the boots!) but it doesn’t look like I can leave a comment… this is a problem I’ve had on a couple of non-wordpress blogs today for some reason.

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