We’re now sharing our home with two beautiful 10wk old kittens. One is a grey tabby girl and the other is a brown tabby boy… and we’re completely in love already.

Their names are yet to be decided but I’m sure this will be easier once we get to know them a better (I’m secretly hoping it will be Mouser and Cuddle Cat LOL!!). It’s been an especially happy day today because it’s also my gorgeous husband’s birthday.

Many Happy Returns Bear! I’m sorry I haven’t had chance to make you a cake. I love you x

35 thoughts on “Smitten

    • The girl loves cuddles but is a bit of a princess… and the boy is more rough and tumble. We’re in no rush to name them as all we keep saying is “…awwh” as they’re so cute.

  1. I wish you could see the big fat smile on my face…oh PJ they are a dream come true. I’m so happy for you all. The little toes and teeny noses…simply irresistible. I would think your dear hubby will forgive the lack of cake for these little darlings, none the less, Bonne fΓͺte, & Cheers!

    • I haven’t stopped smiling all weekend and I have to remember to give them quiet time… or else I’m in danger of overdosing them with love! They are so soft and beautiful – thanks for your good wishes πŸ™‚

  2. I am so happy for you! Look at those two. I’m in love. Your husband must be as happy as you are. What a great birthday indeed.

    I hope your names stick. Sometimes, cats have a way of naming themselves, too. Keep us posted! β™₯

  3. They’re just gorgeous – I’m having to make sure my daughter doesn’t see the photo or we’ll be going through the whole ‘why can’t we have kittens’ conversation, yet again! Enjoy them!

  4. Aha! More characters to add to the plot of your fairy tale tidings! I wait with baited breath to hear (and see) the next chapter of The Harbingers of Happiness; the Cats of Cloud Nine. They are truly squishable. πŸ™‚

  5. SOOO jealous!! I was trying to convince on some kittens being offered to us but they were already 6 months old so we weren’t feeling it. It is so nice to get them when they are cute and tiny!! Enjoy them!

  6. Catching up with blogs! How gorgeous, two lovely kittens. They will keep you happy! My cat is now 12 years old and still acts like a kitten, so lovely to have around the house. Look forward to following then as they grow.

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