The Gift of Time

There never seems to be enough hours in the day and I’m constantly thinking  of all the things I could do “… if only I had more time”.  Well, last night saw the end of British Summer Time and the clocks were turned back an hour. There is the opportunity today to use this extra hour to do something that I usually don’t get time to do. My preferred options are:
1. Read the first chapter of a good book in daylight!
2. Bake a cake to take to work
3. Start a new hobby
4. Do absolutely nothing!

Let me have a cup of tea and think about it. What about you?

36 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. It’s raining and my circadian rhythms are up the creek. Could be a grumpy Sunday!
    I could moan about messing around with clocks and dark mornings
    Bake a cake for afternoon tea (has to be chocolate!)
    Be stoic and get on with my paperwork mountain
    Have another cup of coffee and catch-up with my favourite bloggers
    I think I’ll light the fire, find a rainy day good read and have a lazy Sunday.

  2. They always say “an extra hour in bed” which sounds wondeful, especially if you are a sleep deprived parent (like me). But what they never tell you is that you won’t get that extra hour in bed because no-one informed the youngest child’s internal clock that it needs to stay asleep for another hour. So it’s going to be a looooooonnnnngggg day! We might venture down to the local model railway exhibition (small boys like trains) then later there is a birthday party and a swimming lesson. No doubt the hour will be eaten up along the way!!

    • I have the internal clock of a child too so it doesn’t help me to know that I should be getting up or going to bed. It’s surprising where time goes to (probably to all those people who constantly say they’re bored!!).
      With children, hobbies and housework there will always be something to be done at weekends!

  3. I think you have a very positive approach to the time change. Even though it is only an hour my body/mind takes a while to adjust. Our time is still a few weeks away but I am going to take your advise and find something positive to do with the blessing of extra time.

    • I really love having the extra hour… and when the clocks go forward and an hour is lost I try to scrub a horrible job off the list (like cleaning the oven) so that I can be grateful I don’t have enough time! 🙂

  4. A book sounds a good idea. I was actually planning on extra sleep, but due to our snow (yes, already!) the local fire siren went off at 4am, so was wide awake for a while! I expect a tree came down somewhere and had to be cleared!

    • I had so many more ideas Claudia but I only had an hour and I was in danger of using this time unwisely… I opted for a lazy breakfast and doing nothing for a while (a luxury not often taken).

  5. I tried a new hobby after joining a friend and some others from her textile group and learnt, or tried to learn, how to make stained glass. The hour meant it felt like I lad a lie in before setting off and although it is dark, I got home to a cozy house and the smell of Sunday roast in the oven. Lovely… But when I am back at work next week I will probably feel out of synch for a day or so!

  6. All of your ideas sound wonderful. I usually spend the extra time trying to get a bit more sleep. It will be very windy/rainy here the next few days as we wait out a hurricane so I’m planning on catching up with my reading while eating some cake. I have a good book calling! 😉

  7. Up north here, we will be sweeping the snow from our porches tommorrow. The Clock change brought with it white fluffy cold snow. urggg. I’m looking forward to having some crafty days scrapbooking some Halloween photos, will be inside for a couple of days.

  8. Our clocks “fall back” tomorrow, unfortunately, all I want to do with my extra hour is sleep! The toddler has been waking up at night a lot here lately. I long for the days when I will be able to have some “me” time again!

    • Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing… unfortunately toddlers don’t understand the concept of the clocks going back for some reason!! I hope your day isn’t too long and you find some rest time somewhere x

  9. Our clocks change this weekend. It’s been so dark when I leave for fitness camp in the early mornings. I like the longer evenings. I like to do jigsaw puzzles in the winter months, but I get caught up in them and stay up too late. I need my eight hours…how I wish I could get by with less. Love the bunny pic.

    • That’s the problem with winter… I never see daylight in the week (or the chickens!) as it’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I get back so it’s nice to make the most of the weekend fog!
      I hope you enjoy your extra hour tomorrow – however you spend it!

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