Catching Mist…

There is something comforting about misty mornings. I have a lots of fond childhood memories that involve me trying to catch the mist and take it indoors…. unsurprisingly, I never managed to do this but I always admired the spiders who could catch mist and frost  in their webs.
You may have noticed Cedric in the photo (above right). I’ve put him to work in the Kitchen Garden after he’s now spent a good period of time in the shed. I’ll be letting you know a little more about him soon….

Misty Cobwebs

I love to see the garden when it’s all wrapped up with silvery threads and a sense of inevitability, in fact, Miss Haversham would feel very much at home. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have tea with a famous literary character? I’d have to get the best china out for Miss Haversham, and although she would probably not be polite company, I would have to try and stop myself discussing our mutual  aversion to dusting!

When the mist clears

All of this is soon forgotten, as the mist clears, the cobwebs seemingly vanish and I turn my thoughts to the glamorous task of cleaning out the chicken house!


35 thoughts on “Catching Mist…

  1. LOVE Cedric. He has reminded me of my lovely gargoyle who I have not seen since we moved so he must still be in a box somewhere. I shall hunt him down tomorrow. I have amusing pictures in my head of you rushing round the garden trying to catch mist in a jam jar 😉

    • Thanks Sarah – it was so misty first thing in the morning that the photos would have just been white! By the time I took these the mist had started to clear away.

    • I’m with you there Dana – those pesky cobwebs seem to get bigger and the spiders seem to take great joy in making new creations just when we’re expecting visitors! Oh well, the house is old and it should be a given! Thanks for the lovely comment again x

    • I know what you mean about feeling like you’re in a different dimension in the mist – it’s hard to explain! It’s certainly the right time for Cedric to come out of the shed!

  2. Spooky gift wrapping exposed! You did a super job capturing the morning. I’d half expect Ichabob Crane to wonder through, especially with the lovely Cedric looking on. It’d be nice if it was the adorable Johnny Depp, you could make a pot of tea.

    • I love the Victorian era and anything remotely gothic so Ichabob would be very welcome.Cedric is a bit creepy really but I had the urge to buy him so I hope he feels at home guarding the Kitchen Garden.

  3. Your photos are truly gorgeous. Our misty season is a few months away still. Actually, it’s downright dreary with heavy tule fog here in the Central Valley of CA during January and February. We are sun addicts, and don’t take kindly to losing it for two months of the year. I will have to focus my attention on lovely misty photos to make it through.

  4. How sweet that you tried to bring the mist indoors. That is so endearing. I’ve always loved misty mornings. We get very few of them here. They seem mysterious and otherworldly. I wonder if the spiders are annoyed by all that water?

    Beautiful photos, PJ. Can’t wait to hear more about Cedric.

    • The spiders aren’t too annoyed as they’re heading indoors anyway… I like to think they make their webs to decorate my garden rather than catch prey. I just wish they’d not decorate my house so much!
      Cedric is an imp!

      • I’m not fond of them indoors either, but I have my trusty spider catcher so I catch them and send them back to the garden. My sister had good luck with one of those plug in devices that are supposed to keep spiders outdoors. I don’t quite understand the premise, but she swore by hers. Good luck!

  5. I love your photographs! This posting makes me think of the poem, ‘One misty, moisty morning, When cloudy was the weather …’ So evocative of England, and makes me homesick already, though I’ve only just returned from there. P. x

    • Hi Pam! It’s funny what things trigger memories and homesickness. I love mist, hearing rain on the windows, smelling wood smoke… and Autumn generally. Thanks for stoppping by x

    • That’s so sweet – thank you! I find it beautiful because of my happy childhood memories and I suppose most things we love are tied up with great experiences on some level.

  6. I’m afraid I don’t share your misty morning enthusiasm but your photos really capture the gloom they remind me of Pip in Great Expectations when whats-his-name the escaped prisoner looms up.

    • I love Dickens! The mist also reminds me of another favourite…. Wuthering Heights! When most people yearn for warm summer days and flip flops I get excited by mist, frosty mornings and cosy slippers!

  7. wonderful photos, you captured the feeling of the mist in the garden so well. We had sunshine yesterday, the first in a week-ten days, the relief is palpable! The sunshine means I get out into the garden/plot so can happily ignore any dusting from there ……..

  8. Beautiful photos ! The cobweb photo in the first mosaic is great. Fog always makes beautiful photos and I love the last one !

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