Pumpkin Display

 ….well, “pumpkin display” may be a little far fetched  as I  just plonked them on a table! I hang my head in shame in front of all the fabulous bloggers out there who have actually created displays. I will simply call this Phase One….

Autumn display in Garden Room

 I’ve always wanted to have a go at growing pumpkins but, unfortunately, this year there wasn’t enough room, time or knowledge! There hasn’t been very much sunshine either so I’ll put these on my gardening wishlist for next year and ask for more sunbeams.
I have an oak cabinet in the Garden Room that is used for storing gift bags, wrapping paper and ribbons – obviously everything that is needed in the event of an emergency:-)


 I’m not sure how these will be carved yet but just having them around has made me happier. The honour of  carving goes to my long suffering husband who thinks that pumpkin innards are the design of the devil. I usually draw the spooky face and he spends an hour patirntly carving (and retching)… true love comes in many forms! And if it all goes horribly wrong it will be soup again for tea 🙂
For some proper pumpkin inspiration head over to Gardening Nirvana  where Alys has some fun ideas and is on official countdown to Halloween x

27 thoughts on “Pumpkin Display

    • I’m finding that each year the whole pumpkin saga is getting funnier and funnier. I know that it’s not a good trait to laugh in the face of someone else’s suffering…. but it’s very funny, almost like a human having a fur ball !!

  1. Hey, they’re pumpkins and they’re on display – it’s a pumpkin display! And way more impressive than anything I would come up with, so I’m impressed!

    • Trade Descriptions would have worthy opponent with you 🙂 The pumpkins certainly make the room look brighter and I think it’s a shame that the house only gets decorated for Christmas.

  2. Nice and no reason for shame. I must admit every homegrown pumpkin I see this year makes me a bit jealous, all my edible pumpkins (here we call them winter squash) fell victim to beetles. – I hope the small orange pumpkin will not make your husband nauseous, it looks like a delicious Hokkaido and makes me long even more for homegrown, because that variety is not available in the US. I would be curious to know what the yellow pumpkin is.

  3. I love your display. It’s elegant and inspired. You are far too hard on yourself. You can easily hold your own against Martha.

    … obviously everything that is needed in the event of an emergency:-) LOL LOL LOL

    Thanks so much for the shout out. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when November 1st rolls around.

    • You would be in heaven organising my bric-a-brac and haberdashery! I’m not usually a hoarder and pride myself on regularly de-cluttering but pretty ribbons, bows, buttons and string turn me into a magpie!
      Don’t worry about Nov 1st… there’ll still be Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter……… 🙂

      • We all have that special thing we love. For you it’s ribbons and bows. Do you use them for decorating, sewing or wrapping? One idea I saw on Pinterest was a glass jar filled with white and ivory buttons. If you have enough of a variety, you could set out a jar of buttons and ribbons in seasonal colors. You could use a clear glass vase or a pretty container from jam or sauce. Oh…now I want to come to your house and play with all your fun things.

        Yes, holidays ahead. But I *love* Halloween the best.

      • The strange thing is that, apart from decorating gifts, I just like having these pretty and shiney things around! I keep them in mason jars, old jam jars and pretty boxes. I know that one day I’ll find a way to use these and enjoy creating things with them. For the time being they simply make my heart sing when I see them! There would be nothing nicer than having you over for a cup of tea and a long chat… so I’ll start by pouring you a virtual cup of tea (I’ve got the best china out for you Alys) and you can rummage through my cabinet x

      • Ah, the best china for me! I love it. I’ll bake some scones and then I’ll be right over.

        I love that these little do-dads make your heart sing. That is as good a reason as any to keep them around. The fact that you display them is a great way to honor a collection. Three cheers to bling.

  4. Cute vinette PJ, I like that you mixed up the colors too. Looks like a fine home decor magezine shot. I Love you glass lamp too. I’m still trying to decide on a cut out too. Going to a party Saturday with a friend, so I best figure it out soon.

  5. I’m with your husband, pumpkin guts make me nauseous too! I LOVE the white pumpkins but couldn’t find seed in time this year. I did grow some miniatures, hopefully I will get around to posting about them soon! I think you did a great job on the vignette, magazine worthy!

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