October Bouquets

Once the mists cleared the sun actually shined through and the flowers looked so bright. There are quite a few seed heads now, which have a beauty only suited to Autumn, and the bees are making the most of these rare sunny days.

When I first planted the kitchen Garden in Spring I never imagined that I would still be picking flowers in October… Dahlias, Scabious, Lavender, Cosmos, Rudbekia and Burpleum. I confess that I have probably had more enjoyment from the flowers than the vegetables so I’ll have to rethink the way I use the space next year.

36 thoughts on “October Bouquets

  1. Those orange dahlias look very pretty. You’ve got me thinking now – I think I also got more pleasure from my flowers than veg this year… the bees and butterflies certainly did. A rethink for me then too – thanks for sowing the seeds!

    • I think I’m just going to plant more flowers amongst the veg. I’ve seen so many beautiful plants on blogs like yours that I’d love to grow… and I can’t expand the garden yet.

    • I agree entirely… my Kitchen garden is only about 25% flowers so I’m going to increase this mainly because I have saved a fortune on cut flowers (not bought any for 7 months!), the bees and butterflies love them and they make such lovely presents. I’m looking forward to taking stock of this first year and planning next year… especially new veg to try mmmm…..

  2. I love your photo of the basket full of flowers. It’s very satisfying to pick a home grown bouquet at any time of year, but you’re doing well to still have so much to choose from in October.

  3. your garden looks just heavenly and your simple white decor suits allows your flowers the spotlight. my “otto’s thrill” dahlia was not happy this summer and is now coming back to life, too.

    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by… I’ve taken a peek at your flowers and they’re lovely. I’ve not managed to grow foxgloves yet but would seriously love to x

  4. The vista’s you enjoy are like a watercolored dream, just beautiful PJ. I will have to consider Dahlia’s in my next garden, they really are stunning. I have a few baskets still blooming on my porch, but I fear they will meet an end this week as overnight might be below 0 C and we anticipate snowy drizzle Wednesday…then back to 10 C Thursday…it’s funny how it’s so variable at this time of year. Like fall hangs from a ledge by fingertip, unwilling to let go.

    • Snowy drizzle is the worst thing… wet, cold and yet it pointlessly hints of snow men! We bought our old, run down house purely for the views but don’t have chance to enjoy them as much as we’d like to because of having to rebuild the house!! I’m not moaning though as we’re really lucky x

    • Thank you so much! Lots of people have been updating their blogs over the last few months, and visiting sites like yours has inspired me to give it a go.
      It’s a bit homemade and shows some of the things I love… I need to update my About page but can’t find anything very interesting to say πŸ˜‰

  5. Your blogs over the summer have inspired me to get planting lots more flowers on my plot too. I’ve got lots of marigolds and Borage flowering but you really have a good mixture. I always love your photos too.

    • You’re absolutely right – the flowers have been such great value for money, and even if they weren’t, they’ve made me so happy that I’d grow them again anyway! Thanks for your lovely comments x

    • Thank you! I tried to reply to your other comment about The Real Permberly but the WordPress demons wouldn’t let me. It’s funny that you have an interest in little old England because I’ve always been fascinated with the US… history, architecture, books and movies!

      • I have often wondered if Europeans were at all as fascinated by us as we are with your culture! As someone who loves history, it would be incredible to be surrounded by so many centuries old buildings with so many stories to tell! Of course nothing here predates the Revolution and that is mostly concentrated in one area of the country, so everything around me is very new. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the ocean….:)

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