September Glow

The days are now much colder, so much so that the log burner is already earning it’s keep and the woolly jumpers are back out! The garden is looking battered due to the high winds and persistent rain but I must say that there are a few flowers that remain resilient. The Agastache (above left) is a firm favourite already and the bees can’t leave it alone. Despite being a fairly tall plant it hasn’t required staking and it will be planted again next year. The Black-eyed Susan (above photos, bottom right) was very slow to take off this year but seems to making up for lost time now. I’m not sure about the name of the orange flower (top right) so help is needed please! It’s been flowering prolifically for a couple of months now but requires regular dead heading.

I’ve confessed previously that I have an unfathomable attraction to dahlias. These have been grown for cutting and are looking beautiful (and the slugs think that they taste pretty scrummy too…). The varieties above are all from the Venetian Collection from Sarah Raven (a Gardening Goddess!) and I’ll definitely be ordering more tubers from her again next year.

I love these words from Susan Branch!
There is a wonderful website that I have recently found that has the most delightful artwork and posts. There is an example (left) of Susan Branch’s work and I love it! I’ve always been interested in decorative words and I’ve toyed with calligraphy and watercolour paints in the past but Susan’s work really speaks to me. Her words dance and her art is simply beautiful.

It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly October and thoughts are turning to the Autumn and the cooler weather.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be putting the garden to bed and tucking it up nice and tight ready for winter. I love this time of year as it holds great anticipation for the  next growing season and allows me time to reflect on the work already done… it’s been a great year so far despite the horrendous weather in the UK. I just hope that we have a few fairly dry weekends so that I can get some jobs done as it’s no fun digging in mud with my wellies filled with rain water!!

42 thoughts on “September Glow

    • Cheryl you’re very kind! Thanks for identifying the cosmos… I have a larger cosmos called Antiquity which is a burgundy colour that fades to pink. This variety is smaller but no less lovely. I’m still quite new to gardening so I’m trying my best to remember plant names but sometimes flowers look very different even though they’re related 🙂 I’ll get there eventually….

  1. Lovely photos – those dahlias are just beautiful. If your agastache is anything like the one in my garden, you may never need to plant it again – it’s an enthusiastic self-seeder!

    • I had to label the agastache this year as I thought it resembled a nettle initially and I was scared I’d weed it out! It’s lovely mixed in bouquets, as well as in the garden, so if it becomes too rampant I’ll be giving away big bunches!

  2. Stunning as always. There is never a shortage of color on your blog. I think come spring, I plan to print out photo copies of your garden and simply glue them to a few sturdy stakes in mine. Easy peasy, right?

    • What a great idea… much easier than propagating and cheaper than buying new plants and seeds. Just be aware of the carbon copy slugs that may appear from under the photocopier!

    • It really has been a dreary year so I’m pleased I planted so many bright colours as I initially thought of keeping to a pastel palette. The Dahlias are especially cheery, and although they’re not a favourite of the bees, they’ve been good for me 🙂

  3. The one on top looks like a cosmos to me. Your agastache looks lovely and I will try it next year. As for dahlias, I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll name my first born daughter no joke! Just spend a ton on dahlias – a lot of the adorable Pom Pom ones. Beautiful shots, btw! A breath of fresh air.

    • The Dahlias have such a wide variety of shapes, colour, sizes and habits so I’m sure that there must be a dahlia out there that most people would love! I also love the pom poms as I can imagine fairies using them as elaborate petticoats!! 🙂

    • Thanks for helping out with this…. I labelled the seeds up as “pretty little orange flower that looks like a geum but isn’t”! I’m always amazed at the flowers that survive the heat of Vegas or suchlike places… we haven’t seen much sunshine here so that’s probably why they’ve done so well!!

  4. your agastache is what i call anise hyssop…i think… does it smell like licorice? i know the bees adore it!! love the dahlias. i am putting them on my list for next year..!

    • I haven’t noticed the licorice smell but I’ll definitely have a closer sniff next time i’m in the garden. I’ve planted these right next to some vanilla scented nemesias which smell so strongly that it has probably masked the licorice if it’s there!

  5. What lovely colours you have in your garden still. Beautiful dahlias… only one of seven I planted survived the slugs in spring! Thanks for the link to Susan’s blog… I love it already. Have a good week, and hope it dries up for you.

  6. Beautiful dahlia pictures! The temperature is starting to drop here too, a welcome relief after a hot, humid August!

  7. Great photos, as always! Those orange flowers are sulphur cosmos.

    I’ve fallen in love with dahlias too! I planted a few this year, but planted too many other flowers in the bed with them and the poor dahlias didn’t stand a chance. Next year I’m going to plant lots more of them and give them plenty of space. I love that red one with the grey in the center. I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

    • Thanks Kate… I planted so many new seeds in Spring that my head is spinning! I should have planted fewer but it’s so easy to get carried away! The red dahlia is a “Karma Choc” and looks almost black on dull days (most of the time here!!) or a burgundy in sunshine.

  8. I am done with dahlias! They either blow over in the wind or bugs eat them. However, I may try them again some time since they are so beautiful. I’m so glad you’re growing agastache. it’s one of the best for pollinators. Great pix of lovely flowers!

    • I vowed never to grow chocolate cosmos again after the slugs completely devoured them overnight time and time again… but I tried again this year and managed to keep the slugs off! The agastache is one of my favourites now.

    • How lovely! Thanks for letting me know… once I have a little more time I’ll have a good look around her site. If I get a stamp they’ll be covering everything!!

  9. It is so interesting to see which plants are resilient to rain and wind in other people’s gardens. I can’t imagine why your affection for Dahlias is unfathomable though, they are glorious show-offs and add a fabulous zing to a border at this time of year – and to your blog – those photos are beautiful.

    I agree with you about this time of year – autumn is my favourite season and my favourite time to garden too. Here’s to a long and lovely autumn… and dry wellies.

    • My home is full of muted tones and subdued colour schemes so my attraction to a zingy garden is still unfathomable to me… I always imagined having a restful, pastel garden but the south facing garden just cries out for loud colours so I probably instinctively planted rather than followed my head. Thanks for your lovely comments and (chink of glasses) … to dry wellies!

  10. Such lovely dahlias, I can’t get enough of them! I have 5 in my garden and although they all flowered this year it hasn’t been a great year for them. Let’s hope for a better spring and summer next year, can’t be worse than this year!
    It was a chilly 14 degrees in my garden today, yep autumn is definitely here. I have ordered some nice weather for us this week-end so we can get some gardening done, hope it reaches you 🙂

  11. Lovely photos, I love the Agastache too the bees aren’t the only ones. They flower for so long. Enjoy your autumn gardening and putting the garden to bed for the winter. Then comes the planning for next year!

    • Annie, thank you so much for dropping by! I can’t wait to start the planning for next year… as this can be done by a nice, warm fire with a glass of wine!

  12. I love Susan Branch. I’ve purchased cards and calendars with her designs in the past. PJ your flowers are stunning. Great photos. Sorry to hear the dreaded rain continues. You’ve been up to your eyeballs in it forever.

    What an impressive following you have, too. Nicely done.

    • I’d never come across Susan Branch before… but as soon as I saw her work I knew I loved her! We’ve had a nice day today (once the mist lifted) but I didn’t have chance to get in the garden much due to social commitments. Thanks for your encouraging comments Alys, you’re so kind!

      • Social commitments sound like fun, too. 🙂 I got together today with a pair of girlfriends, one of whom I had not seen since 1989! What a great time we had!

        I’m glad you discovered Susan Branch. It was a good reminder for me too.

  13. How am I missing all your lovely stories (must check my follow file in Stats). It’s a shame about the weather, I guess we got very lucky in 2008. We visited London in September and the weather was brilliantly sunny, all be it a tad cool. Love the Bumble Bees…I so enjoyed watching them work away when my garden work was done…I often thought “you’re welcome” as they climbed around, but that would be arrogant of me..LOL.

  14. Your flowers are so beautiful and you have so many ! The dahlias are awesome, very beautiful. I planted a dahlia in a pot this year and I had many flowers, they are just so gorgeous ! I’m also preparing my garden for winter, I still have a lot of work to do !

    • No matter how much work I do in the garden I always seem to find more that I should have done a month ago! I love dahlias… I never thought I would but they look great in flower arrangements and sit well with the vegetables too

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