Saving Seeds

Today has been really sunny but the trees can’t be fooled and have started to gently let go of a few leaves. After the awful Summer I’m surprised the trees aren’t hurling their leaves in disgust! The flowers in the Kitchen Garden are still plentiful but do need to be deadheaded more often and I’ve noticed that the vibrant colours are slowly becoming sepia tinted. I’ve started to collect some of the seed heads in paper bags and really hope that I can enjoy these plants again next year… it would be fab to have enough to share with others too.
I’ve been reading Carol Klein’s Grow Your Own Garden book in hope that it will make me more successful with propagation (don’t worry Carol, I won’t blame you if things go horribly wrong!). I really enjoy her easy going, chatty style of writing which mixes common sense advice and with realistic expectations. I plan to collect much more seed next week.

This weekend I collected seeds from (left to right) Scabiosa, Geum and Allium Atropurpureum. The main photo at the beginning of the post is Allium Sphaerocephalon. There is so much seed around the garden and, unfortunately, so many plants that I don’t know the names of yet. For now I’m happy collecting seeds from the “Furry Leaved Magenta Flower” or the “Looks Like an Orange Geum But Isn’t“. I have a feeling that I may be brushing up on some plant identification and learning Latin over the winter… or posting the John Doe’s for virtual identification!

35 thoughts on “Saving Seeds

      • No, I didn’t save any of the broad beans but I do have half the packet left for next year. They were too good to save – i.e. I ate them all! Hopefully, we’ll all have a better year in the garden next year!

    • We can muddle through Latin together then! I know that it will make life easier in the long term as everything seems to have at least three common names depending where you live! Even if the seeds don’t work out, at least I feel better that I’ve saved a few from the compost heap 🙂

  1. You can always ease yourself in to the whole relearning Latin phase by sitting through a few Harry Potter films. It all snaps back after that. And maybe as a bonus you can wave a hand, chant a command and they can deadhead themselves, right? 😉

    • I’m a really sad bunny because I actually like dead heading (especially when I’ve had a bad day at work!!). I will definitely try the Expelliarmus spell on the enormous thistles in the field next door…. or maybe take a herbology class or too 🙂

    • I’ll be making notes in the Winter and finding out which seeds are difficult to grow and which will sprout in the packet when I’m not looking! The great thing about being a novice gardener is that I’m quite expecting things to go wrong… so when they go right it’s exciting!! It’s also great having such vast experience on hand from other bloggers x

  2. I collected a few seeds today as well. We’re on the same wave length.

    Your photos are beautiful. Aren’t seeds amazing? They are stunning in their own right.

    Your comment about the trees hurling leaves made me laugh. Nice post, PJ.

    • Oohhhh… you’d be surprised at how wrong things can go over here! I forgot to water my fig plant and it now looks dessicated with the poor little figs holding on for dear life.
      The first picture is Allium Sphaerocephalon – they’ve been beautiful and even their seed heads are great!

  3. LOL! I labelled geranium cuttings in a similar fashion yesterday… “pink”, “deep pink”, “favourite pink”, “candyfloss pink”… I shall have no idea come spring, but never mind! 😀

  4. Beautiful photos! I hope your seed saving adventure works out better than mine did last year. Saved what was supposed to be some easy plants and this spring, not one thing germinated :(! You sound like you are doing more research than I did though, so hopefully you will have better luck!

    • I’m not expecting mine to germinate either – I’ll throw them in the soil and, if they don’t appear, I’ve not wasted anything. If they do germinate I’ll do my happy dance and then panic that I have too many seedlings!!!

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  6. I never tried to grow plants from seeds but it must be so gratifying when you succeed and see the beautiful flowers. I love your first photo, it’s very beautiful !

  7. I immediately recognized the scabiosa seeds as I’ve been collecting them, too. I shoved a few of the little helicopters in the ground and they’ve already sprouted. We’ll see if they survive. Bundled a few into small, weird bouquets as well for enthusiasts like ourselves! Love your pix – the geum seeds look otherworldly. Isn’t it great the return we get on our investment?

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