September Song

Red Admiral Butterfly

One of the best decisions I made with the garden was to plant a Nectar Bar to attract the pollinators and beneficial insects. It has surpassed my expectations and it’s an absolute must for my future planting schemes.
Today was a good day as I even managed to photograph one of the butterflies that have eluded me over the last few weeks. A longer lens on my camera and a tripod were key – but balancing on one leg whilst the tripod was in mid air probably wasn’t that helpful!

Bees on Agastache

There were a huge variety of bees out today and I noticed that each species seemed to have their favourite flowers. The Agastache, Scabious and Coreopsis were the favourites today and I noticed that whilst most bees were methodically working the blooms others zoomed around them as if the Bar was about to close!!

The Nectar Bar

The Bar is open as usual my little buzzy friends… and hopefully will be for a few weeks more! Come on in, have a good time and bring a friend too x

34 thoughts on “September Song

    • The seeds were mainly sown in Spring – I must say that it’s exceeded my expectations and the bees are really happy. I just need to plant some more plants for butterflies next year.

    • Thank you! I’m going to take some of my favourite plants from this year and put them elsewhere in the garden. The Sarah Raven plants have been so spectacular that I’ll definitely be trying some different ones from her next year. I’d love a cutting patch!

  1. Having pollinators buzzing and fluttering around the garden is so rewarding. Great shot of your butterfly! I find using a tripod difficult when shooting butterflies since they move around so much. I prefer using a handheld and following them around.

  2. I just created the perennial bed in the backyard a few years ago, and I am glad I chose many pollinator-friendly plants. It is a joy to watch them. What is the flower in the Red Admiral Butterfly photo? …just beautiful!

  3. Your photos are beautiful. I’ve been out snapping pics of bees on the golden rod. I haven’t had a chance to get a good shot of a butterfly but I’m on the look out. Great work and beautiful gardens!

  4. Your photos are lovely! I must admit I haven’t seen one single butterfly in my garden this summer, despite having lots of flowers they usually like. I have lots of bees though, and the spiders have just arrived, in numbers – ugh!

  5. Your nectar bar was a brilliant idea! I planted agastache for the first time this year, I think it my favorite new plant, the bees can’t stay away and I love the tall blooms, very structural!

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