Garden Surprises

The decidedly damp weather here hasn’t stopped the flowers being spectacular and, whilst the giant sunflowers have not fared well, the lemon “Vanilla Ice” sunflowers from Sarah Raven have been delightful. They haven’t needed to be staked and the wildlife love them too. There are lots more butterflies around now and the bumble bees and honey bees are having a party in the nectar bar! I love to listen to them as I dead head the flowers.

Aren’t nice garden surprises great? It made me smile to see this little primrose flowering underneath the Coreopsis. Maybe it thinks this milder weather is the end of Winter!! It was quite a timely discovery as I’d not long visited wonderful blog of Gardening NirvanaΒ where Alys has found a few surprises of her own. It seems many of us experience the unexpected flowers that have seemingly been planted by birds… or fairies!!

Autumn is coming…. and I’m so excited as this is my favourite time of the year. There’s something in the air now, the garden has a slightly different feel and when I came back from shopping yesterday I saw my first glimpse of blackberries!

42 thoughts on “Garden Surprises

  1. PJ Girl, thanks so much for the lovely comment and ping back, above. What a lovely surprise (another one!!!).

    Love the garden surprises. Those blackberries look delicious.

    Every time I stop by, I can’t get over the views.

    • You are most welcome Alys! The views are the main reason we bought the house… which still needs an awful lot of work doing on it. Maybe I should start a renovation blog πŸ™‚

      • I love renovation blogs. Instead of another blog, perhaps you could create a Page and link all your renovation posts there. You would still be doing the writing, but less work creating and maintaining another blog.

        Of course you didn’t actually ask me…I just inserted my opinion, so please ignore me and carry on. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Malc… one day I hope to have half as many beautiful plants as you but I’m treading softly at the moment. Plants are so expensive and my propagation skills are weedy!! πŸ™‚

  2. Those little sunflowers look really pretty. Mmmm, blackberry season! I saw some in the hedgerows today too… Autumn is such a cosy season, I also love it!

  3. I really must consider Sunflowers in my next garden, I’m really enjoying the show here and in Alys’s yard too. What zone do you garden in? I imagine the brick helps too. The distant vista’s are outstanding.

    • I’m not sure what zone England falls in we’re… it’s a wet and generally mild climate so possibly like Washington or Seattle?!? My meteorological and geographical knowledge is rubbish so I may be way off πŸ™‚

  4. I’m getting excited about autumn too! I saw my first blackberries a couple of weeks ago; looking forward to foraging!

  5. Beautiful flowers! I was surprised to see the blackberries – ours have all played out by this time of the year….I miss them. Hope you enjoy yours and find lots of nice things to make with them! πŸ™‚


    • Spooky – I was just thinking of you Jane! There are a few non-Wordpress blogs that I can’t automatically follow for some reason and I have no notifications of new posts (and lucky lady – you’re one of them!).
      I’m not ignoring you honestly!! x

  6. Love the Vanilla Ice Sunflower, they are on my wish-list for next year! The fairies in my garden are only planting things like ivy seedlings in strange places, just out of reach for me….wish they could give me some pretty flowers too πŸ™‚

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