All is calm

The garden feels calm and quiet at the moment… it’s as if the plants know they’re at their best, and rather than shouting about it, they’ve decided to take a bow. If this was the Gardening Olympics my plants wouldn’t have a chance at a medal… but I’m sure they’d have the best fun taking part and partying with the big guys!

The applause would be coming from the bees – deafening at times but certainly most encouraging. My biggest joy is seeing the huge variety, as well as large numbers, of bees and other wildlife in the garden.

In the quietness I think about how my home has continually had cut flowers since February when the Hellebores were abundant and how I’ve been eating, and enjoying, broad beans! My garden is my meditation and it’s whilst I’m in this chilled out mood that something hisses and spits at me – I nearly jump out of my skin….

It’s a Farm Kitten. He’s adorable, so fluffy with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen but when you get too close he’s a little firework! This is a bit of a problem as he’s taken to hiding behind plant pots and under the hedges. He’s definitely feral and not to be trifled with… he’s also a ninja in training. His mum must have jumped over the fence with him and she keeps popping back to make sure he’s alright – we’re hoping that he’ll jump back out when he’s old enough!

I’ve named him Womble 🙂

There are scarier things to worry about though – the thistles were left to flower as the birds (especially Goldfinches, Linnets, Bullfinches and Siskins) love them so much.

Look at all the thistle down! If Womble is as hard as he looks I’m sure that he will eat thistles for breakfast 🙂 Otherwise my weeding regime may have to triple next year.

33 thoughts on “All is calm

  1. Immaculate as ever. I knew you would have a real trug and I’ve a sneaking suspicion that you wear designer silk pyjamas. I have a collection of old sheep feed buckets and I’ll not begin to describe either my gardening attire or pjs.

    • Really funny 🙂 Unfortunately, I’ve never owned silk pyjamas as they would only get ruined – and I wouldn’t be able to shove them in the washing machine on a hot cycle either! I’m a cheap and cheerful “tuck ’em in your wellies” kind of girl. I bet you have a great collection of hats up there!

      • Alas, hats confined to hat boxes, apart from the woolly one you can pull on over your ears and down to the nose!
        Silk pjs – must have a pair in the bottom draw just in case you get whisked off to Paris for a romantic tryst.

  2. Fantastic post, as always. We had a ferrel cat leave one of her kittens under a car in the garage. My son found it and gave it to a friend and both are doing just fine. I am late getting to the thistles as well. Not one of my favorite plants.

  3. Such a lovely garden! I can imagine myself sitting beside those beautiful flowers to read a good book. Thanks for sharing it! I really enjoy your posts. That kitten is so adorable! If you pick it up by the scruff of the neck a few times, like the mother would, it will start to trust you.

    • I like a little potter in my PJs at weekends… at least we’re not overlooked here. The kitten has found a new home under the courgette plant. The large leaves are acting as an umbrella for him!

    • I love black cats too. They’re seen as lucky charms over here but I believe that they’re bad luck elsewhere.
      When newly married we had a pair of black cats who were gorgeous. They have since died but little Womble brings back very happy memories x

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