Hidden Gems….

The nectar bar is lovely and the bees can’t seem to get enough…. word has got out that it’s permanent Happy Hour and they’re starting to bring friends with them!

The Nectar Bar

…but if you walk around the back of the garden there is a very different view.

Not so pretty!

… it’s overgrown with grass, nettles, thistles & there is a disturbingly large pile of wood that needs to be sorted before winter. There are piles of building materials lying around, waiting for the building work to recommence, and a big pile of sand that the bunnies have turned into a maternity unit.
I keep telling myself (and anyone who questions my garden housekeeping) that this is a haven for wildlife and an essential part of organic gardening. I confess that, whilst this is true, a little part of me is cringing! There really is an abundance of insect activity, rabbits, foxes, birds of prey and other UFOs (Unidentified Furry Objects).

You see I am so contrary in many ways – I love order but needย some chaos. I enjoy soft pastel colours in the borders but craveย the gaudiness of Dahlias and, more worryingly, I plan most things in advance and then ditch the ideas at the last minute so I can be spontaneous! Many would call this trait indecisiveness but I like to think it’s creativity (… I haven’t made my mind up about this yet though!!)

So let me end on a positive note at the end of July…


The Alstroemeria have been stunning despite the very wet weather!
See you in August x


34 thoughts on “Hidden Gems….

  1. I think everyone needs a little patch of chaos, it’s still full of untold possibilities! (At least that’s my excuse. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) You could make it into your “alter ego” garden, where you could have all your guilty pleasures: gnomes, wind chimes, as gaudy Dahlia’s as you could possibly have, etc. etc., There’d have to be a locked garden door and a key though, you wouldn’t want everyone in there.

  2. You can’t do everything at once – at least that’s the excuse I always use for the less neat parts of the garden (and there are lots of them!). And, of course, dahlias in a border full of pastel shades are a design statement!

  3. I love it. A bunny maternity unit.
    You know the old saying, “Give a man one rabbit, and he will eat for a day;
    give a man two rabbits, and he will feed his family and his neighbors and return you 64,768 rabbits in change. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have a plan – maybe if enough are selectively bred to eat all the weeds (and leave the flowers and vegetables alone) then it would save me a heap of work.
      …… if only I could figure out how to selectively breed them! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. The nectar bar looks beautiful, but the overgrown area is just as important for caterpillars, ladybirds etc… I also have a few “rough” areas in my garden… I just try and justify them all the time!

  5. Great photo of the nectar bar, I can see why it would be so popular! And you know what everyone has an area (or two or three) that can be improved on or tied up, and as you say it’s a nice natural wildlife area!!

  6. we have 4 acres, 2 of them domesticated, 2 of them wild. i tried to tame the wild parts with a charming path, leaving the rest for the critters, but Ma Nature keeps blowing the trees around, blocking my paths. like you, i can’t decide how much control i want over that area, but not sure i have any control over control..! and besides, the deer, bunnies, birds and lord-only-knows-what that live down there don’t want me to change a thing… your pictures are beautiful and your garden is lovely.

  7. Great post – love your nectar bar – it is nice to know that you have a little imperfect patch in your garden – it makes me feel less guilty when I think of all the weeds in mine.

  8. Hooray for creativity!! As long as you have order in the chaos instead of chaos in the order, who cares? Loved your photo of the nectar bar ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. You are not alone in your approach to gardening, and life. I spent yesterday undoing something I started in Spring because I changed my mind. I am trying to keep my garden, and my life, as simple as possible so that may mean some time maintaining what I created rather than creating another something that will need maintained.

    • Thanks Susan – I have plans for both the house and garden. They’re such big projects though that it can get a bit overwhelming as we do a lot of things ourselves.

  10. Love the nectar bar! I have several areas I my garden that need lots of work too, I usually just crop them out of pictures so everyone will think I am on top of things :)!

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