Summer Cold

Head colds are a nuisance at the best of times but there is something so wrong about having a cold in Summer! I tried to take things easy this weekend but there is an awful lot to do in the garden at this time of year… mowing, strimming, weeding, sowing. My mind was soon taken off my sore throat and aching bones and because of the head cold I didn’t notice my hayfever! Bonus!

Tea time

Everything in the kitchen garden is starting to look like it should. I spent ages in winter looking through seed catalogues and trawling the internet for great plants. When I first looked at the various little seeds in my hand it was hard to believe they would transform so quickly into such great plants!
The first sunflower is out and there are lots of different colours in the raised beds. Admittedly, it does look like a five year old has been in the crayon box but in my first year excitement I just threw plants in – and it does look pretty! My main aim was a productive fruit, vegetable and herb garden with a nectar bar for the wildlife. Next year I would like a more cohesive flower design if possible… maybe there’s an artistic seven year old out there?

Flower Power

The first sweet peas are out so I picked the few that had already opened and put them into a small jar along with some Rosemary. I love to put herbs and fresh flowers together and I’m just disappointed that I can’t smell them at the moment!

Sweet Pea

The thing that I’ve enjoyed more than anything this weekend is the fresh produce for lunch – baby carrots, roast beetroot, chard, and broad beans (freshly podded and lovely). The sun made an appearance late afternoon and I could almost hear the tomatoes and dahlias singing!

25 thoughts on “Summer Cold

    • Thanks – I’m feeling better already thanks (usually the case on a Monday morning when it’s back to work for the week!). Once I get my sense of smell and taste back I’ll be happy 🙂

    • I know what you mean – it’s really interesting to fond out what’s happening in other parts of the world. Keep cool over there! I’m still wearing my pullover most days 😉

    • I can’t wait for the Sweeet Peas to start producing flowers properly… my impatient nature couldn’t wait any longer so the vase looks pretty but the garden is now bare. They’ll soon produce more… I hope!

    • Thanks Mary – I like foilage with my flowers and never know what to pick so because I have more than enough herbs it does the job (and smells so lovely too!).

  1. oh wow, sick and still posting! And such a pretty post, too! Glad to read you are feeling better today. I’m so impressed with how much color you have, especially your first year! B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

    • I’m very pleased to say that I’ve slowed down but not stopped completely 🙂 Thanks for your kind words… I’m pleased with the garden in the first year too and already looking forward to next year. I really need to stay a while longer in the here and now!

  2. You are so right about summer colds. They are just plain WRONG. Hope yours is better very soon. Garden looks beautiful, nothing wrong with the crayon box approach 😉

    • I’m much better already thanks but I still can’t smell anything properly… I need to know if I’ve overdone it with the sweetpeas in the house!

  3. Beautiful pictures, I love your “Tea Time” shot! You are right, summer colds are the worst! Hope you feel better soon!

    • Unfortunately, as my mobile is usually not charged or missing in action, the sunshine will have been ambushed by clouds again by the time I call you!

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