Touch wood!

I’ve always loved Rhubarb Forcers, especially the large teracotta ones, so I was jumping for joy when my sister-in-law bought me one for a present. That was a few years before the Kitchen Garden was completed and so it sat patiently in the house, looking out of the window onto the building site, until it could have pride of place in the new garden. I think it looks lovely (but I would say that…) even though I’m unable to force any of the new rhubarb crowns yet!

At around the same time I also acquired a very ugly little statue known as a “grotesque” (which is similar to a gargoyle but without a spout). I think he’s gorgeous as I’ve always been fond of gothic things! He also sat in the house waiting to go outside in the garden but, not long after his arrival, a strange run of bad luck made me twitchy and so I banished him to the shed… the bad luck came an abrupt end and he’s been in the shed ever since! Really silly… but now this particular seed has been planted in my mind it’s Β taken root and, touch wood, I don’t want to tempt fate!! It’s fairly common for sports people and actors to have superstitions… but do gardeners??
I come from a fairly superstitious family so maybe this has rubbed off on me more than I dare to acknowledge. I’ll consider photographing him in all his grotesque glory at Halloween, but even now, I’m a little concerned he’ll break my camera! Ha ha!
The Nectar Bar is filling out nicely now and it’s attracting lots of bees, hoverflies and butterflies. The anenomes are flowering beautifully still, the poppies and cosmos are just starting to come through and I love to watch the red Geums bobbing happily in the wind. Although I have lots of plans for next year, things I’d like to do differently etc I’m really pleased at how great the garden is looking just 4 months after I started!

This weekend I need to sow some more carrots and lettuce – things are growing quicker than I imagined and the successional planting is in the “must try harder” category on my report card.

The forecast this weekend is more rain… I hope there are a few dry spells otherwise it could be the Umbrella Gardener out there!

23 thoughts on “Touch wood!

  1. Your garden does look lovely. And I know what you mean about plans for next year and ‘must try harder’ with succession planting. I have done better this year than last, but I’ve still got a lot of ground which could be better utilised.

    • This is the first year of me properly growing vegetables and it’s like a big game of chess with the elements thrown in for fun. I underestimate how big and fast things will grow at the moment but that’s all part of the learning curve. Thanks for your kind comments – much appreciated!

  2. I wish you would send the rain here! It was 99 degrees today with high humidity. I only dare go out in the early morning or at dusk. I try to pack all my garden chores into that small period of time. Love your blog – I garden in my pajamas all the time! Just hope that nobody stops by when I have them on!.

    • Wow! That’s hot and sticky… I’ll stop complaining as most of my favourite plants would curl up and die in those conditions! It’s raining here again so I’ve asked for a little to go your way πŸ™‚

  3. I love your photos! The clouds in the “seeds” photo are amazing. I planted seeds to have beautiful poppies like yours, but I only have greens so far (and it’s getting a bit late!). I’m so enjoying your blog πŸ™‚

  4. I had never seen a rhubarb forcer before – it looks really neat (and beautiful)! We don’t see rhubarb much in our area (North Carolina). Your garden is looking very lovely, I’m jealous over how neat and well kept you keep it!

  5. I still have brick wall envy! Your garden and location is just beautiful. We’ve had lots of cold and rain here too, so my best crops are rhubarb and chard. I, too have not been good about succession planting. I just received a catalog that said to “Plant your fall/winter Garden” – I feel like spring hasn’t arrived yet – ugh!

    • Thank you – I still have lots of brick walls to cover with plants! My garlic and shallots are almost ready to lift and I’m wondering what to plant apart from lettuce…. hopefully I’ll get a catalogue soon too πŸ™‚

  6. I’d love to see your “grotesque”. I love gargoyley things and don’t believe in superstition. Go on, take a photo, I dare you πŸ˜‰

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