Street Party

The weather on Sunday was truly awful, the rain was constant and even the ducks were shaking their heads and running for cover! Unfortunately, the picnic in the park was cancelled so we had a picnic at my Mum’s instead… We watched the Royal procession float down the Thames, shared our amazement at the lack of rain in London (for the most part) and generally had a good old natter with everyone.

Yesterday was a much brighter day…. and everyone headed down to the High Street for a street party. There was music from a traditional brass band, a young rock band and a Zumba demonstration (that the Dad’s were interested in for some reason!). Most people had made food to share but there was also a barbeque and the pub was doing well. I even had some pink candyfloss and it made me feel like 8yrs old again!

Village Diamond Jubilee Street Party

Late afternoon we walked up the hill to the castle… this has many fond memories for me. As a child I used to play for hours in the turrets and dungeons, roll down the banks on my side as quickly as possible and try to find fairies. None were to be found but I had a quick look again yesterday and I’m sure that I saw one out of the corner of my eye ;-).

The castle ruins are from the 11th century but much can still be seen and visitors are allowed to still climb the turrets and walk along the walls. The views are amazing and it’s easy to see why the castle was built in such a prominent position.

castle ruins

Henry VIII visited in 1511 and it was described as being “stately but in disrepair” then! Mary Queen of Scots was sadly imprisoned here for many years in the 16th century and she apparently hated this prison more than any.

Medieval ruins

As night fell a beacon was set alight to celebrate the jubilee, just as thousands more were lit throughout the UK, and it was reassuring to know that this fantastic place still holds a sense of magic today – although Mary Queen of Scots would probably disagree! 


22 thoughts on “Street Party

    • She wasn’t the luckiest of Queens. They also had a bit of a problem with the axe when she was beheaded… probably fed up of her moaning about the prison conditions!

    • It is lovely, and there is a lot of history, but the popular spots get really congested… probably the same as Salem which has some amazing history!

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I don’t “get out” much to other blogs (time, energy, know how?? ), so it is fun to visit those who manage to find me! I love everything about your blog and garden! So happy you “liked” me! Looking forward to seeing more of your gardening adventures! Thank you 🙂 Dana

    • Dana – I fell in love with your blog as soon as I saw it! I love the photography and taste of Ireland that you’ve created… I’m surprised more folk haven’t found you!

  2. i’ve loved watching the jubilee. actually, i’m still watching it, thanks to the dvr box… god bless you all and your lovely queen. i’d love to visit UK someday, but an event like that is best seen on the tv!..maybe next year…

  3. How wonderful that you got to play in a castle as a child! As an American who has seen them only in pictures, that is truly enchanting!

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