Jubilee Fairy Cakes

I can hardly wait for the forthcoming Jubilee celebrations and this excitement is fuelled by the fact that a) it’s an extra long weekend b) I’m spending it with my family and c) there’ll be lots of food and entertainment!

Tea time! Picture from the BBC

I love afternoon tea but don’t get chance to have it very often. This mouth watering picture is from the BBC and shows dainty sandwiches, homemade tiny cakes and melt-in-the-mouth biscuits, what’s not to love? Maybe it’s a good thing this treat occurs only once in a while… otherwise I’d need to buy bigger pyjamas!

As it’s my final day at work tomorrow for four days (…hooray, four whole days!) I decided to make some vanilla fairy cakes to take to work with me. I had some little Union Jack cake cases in the cupboard, begging to be used, and thought these would be perfect.

Fairy Cake Recipe

I’m an early bird so I should have plenty of time in the morning to decorate the cakes with a Red, White & Blue theme – fresh strawberries, white frosting and fresh blueberries. To be honest, I think they’re lovely just the way they are but I know my colleagues will just love the decorated version.

Vanilla Fairy Cakes with a Dusting of Icing Sugar

So what about the celebrations? Well, many of my family still live in the village where I was born so I’m going to be spending most of my time with them and my lovely husband. The village is really old and dates back to the Iron Age. It has an old castle (mainly ruins), Norman church and an interesting High Street where there will be a street party. I’m looking forward to joining in with the celebrations 🙂  I just hope the weather is kind!

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

I’m not usually an ardent Royalist but I am being swept away with Jubilee Fever! Everywhere I go there seems to be bunting and flags… and anything that enables people to gather together and be happy must be positive! I found the sweet photographs of the Queen & Prince Philip (below) on Pinterest… if you’re not interested then you’ll be relieved to know it’s the end of the post anyway!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you’re doing!

So Sweet!

21 thoughts on “Jubilee Fairy Cakes

    • It has become more fashionable again now and I’m so pleased! I love making tea and enjoying it in the afternoon with lovely homemade cakes and sandwiches.

  1. Looks great, very nice cakes. We have also gone all patriotic and have bunting everywhere. I am very impressed how many people have entered into the spirit of the occasion even all the miserable residents in our street seem to be joining in, goodness knows what it will be like when the Olympics starts….

    • It’s amazing to think that the Queen is 87yrs old and Prince Philip is almost 92yrs! They have been married 65yrs and both undertake a full diary of engagements… they must be i need of a good, long holiday themselves!

  2. Hey, how’s the jubilee going? Looks like you have a fun long weekend planned. Good luck with the cup cakes, or if you have made them already, let us know how it went 🙂 We were in London last March and they were already preparing for the jubilee so I can’t imagine what it must be like now. At least you live in a small town (I think) so you get to enjoy the coming together of people and communities as it should be, rather than being just another excuse to go out and get drunk 😉

  3. Looks scrumptious! Do hope you had a wonderful long weekend, I must say I am a bit jealous of you Brits and your Royal celebrations!

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