You know those hazy, lazy days of Summer? We’re experiencing them now… except long days at work make the lazy part laughable! Luckily, there is enough daylight left in the evening to spend time outside, sip a cold drink and poke about in the garden. This aside, I managed to have a great weekend and tried to make the most of the warm weather.

Everything seems to be growing beautifully and I planted up extra tubs and baskets this weekend. The wicker basket (below) has been planted with Salvias, Snapdragons, Verbenas and a pretty pink mini Dahlia. It looks a little sparse at present but it will soon fill out. I still have lots to plant out but I’m running out of space in the beds… I really must start to plant more produce against the walls.

New for May

The tomato plants “Gardener’s Delight”  have also been planted out into compost bags – it’s the first time I’ve grown Toms from seed so I’m really pleased. The bags were plastic and really ugly so I’ve just wrapped them in hessian to disguise the ugliness!

Gorgeous Dahlias

Have I told you how much I love Dahlias? I don’t usually like garden show offs, preferring muted shades and dainty flowers. Dahlias are like a blast of extra happiness when it’s least expected… the word wow is never far from my lips!

Garlic & Shallots

It all looks lovely and I can hardly wait for the first garlic of the year! Before you think that life is completely rosey here in the Pyjama Garden I must confess that I’ve had a few fatalities… and a few more are on the critical list… but I’m hopeful that when I share this particular depressing post in the future you might be able to offer some comfort (and a smidge of Horticultural First Aid)!

18 thoughts on “May…

    • I can’t wait to see your Dahlias too… everything else in your garden is so pretty (especially the hydrangea) that the Dahlias must surely be show stoppers!

  1. Look at all that garlic…Yum! I agree too…love dahlias. They just scream photograph me! Their form and colors are just so lovely! The heat has set in early here too. We are making it into the 30C regularly now…definitely making for lazy days!

  2. My dahlias have been a disaster this year – they haven’t put out any shoots at all – they were new tubers this year as well – the only one that is growing is from a cutting I took last year. Oh well you can’t win ’em all.

    • A lot of my Dahlias have failed too… I have a little graveyard dedicated to them! Little pots of soil that I still water just in case I see the first signs of green…..

    • You’re too kind! Unfortunately, I have evidence to post that will show the disasters. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog… it’s great and I look forward to dropping by 🙂

    • I know what you mean… I know they’re supposed to be harmless but their pincers are menacing and they move almost in a slippery way! Yuck! Luckily, I love Dahlias more than I hate earwigs (or slugs!).

  3. Beautiful dahlias! And no weeds either in your raised beds,I am impressed 🙂 Right now, I at war with weeds waiting for beds to fill in and I am losing terribly!

    • I was lucky to have new top soil when the beds were completed and each evening after work I go outside to tickle the borders! My weeds are taking revenge in the rest of the garden knowing that my efforts lie elsewhere!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment – you’re very kind! There are so many types of Dahlias that you’ll be spoilt for choice when your day arrives!

  4. Oooh, I’ve heard the idea of planting tomatoes simply into a bag of compost, and now I have seen it with my own eyes – on your blog! Looks great. I will be trying this next year! I have most of mine in pots, and have chosen Oregon Spring which is a smaller “patio” variety. I saw my first yellow blossom today – so happy!

    • I find that planting Toms this way makes watering easier and the roots seem to get established better. It’s great when the first blossoms appear!

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