Herb Planter

Occasionally when we have a nice bottle of port or red wine it is packaged in a handy wooden box. It seems such a shame to throw the box away after the drink has (long) gone!

Mmm… so many ideas…

1. Turn it into a bird box (but the birds are already nesting)

2. Store seed packets in it (but my collection is too large)

3. Sewing box (already have one)

4. Herb Planter for my baby herbs…..

I planted a few different herb seeds – parsley, thyme, purple basil and coriander -and placed their individual pots inside the port box. They’re only little at the moment but in a couple of weeks they’ll be all grown up!

18 thoughts on “Herb Planter

  1. This is a fantastic use for packaging. Pity we don’t seem to get bottles in wooden boxes here. It would be great to make a bird box or two, have herb planters etc. They look charming as well 🙂

    • Thanks – I hate to waste things but it’s always easier to re-use the lovely packaging. I have a whole drawer full of ribbons, strings and lids etc that I can’t bear to throw away!

  2. OMG!!!

    Herbs…I forgot about them dammit…..thanks for reminding me, I best go see what I can do.

    Thats a great use of something that most would probably just throw away so I think I’ll go rummage around and see what I can find.

      • I hate plastic wrapping and wish that more manufacturers would consider using natural materials that can be easily recycled. I don’t have port very often, but when I do, it’s very much enjoyed!

  3. This is a brilliant and beautiful idea! A very good excuse to buy some expensive wine/champagne! I’m going to start saving…..!

  4. Your herbs look very stylish. I tried this outdoors this year with some bulbs and it looked nice but I am regretting not varnishing the planter now or treating it with something to protect it. I also found that it didn’t drain very well for some reason, not sure why. I tried this again recently and put more holes in the base.
    Like the confession about gardening in your pyjamas, I also sneak out in mine although my garden is overlooked by quite a few neighbours.
    Where in the country is your garden? I am dreaming that I see Yorkshire where I was born.

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