Weeds Part 1

The new Kitchen Garden was designed to be both productive and beautiful. It’s like entering another world and it has such a tranquil quality that I almost hear the plants growing. It’s a very new garden but somehow it feels extremely old, as if it’s always been there, and perhaps it has – I’ve simply dreamed about it for such a long time!

It looks neat and tidy with clean lines and tidy raised beds… each bed has a purpose and each wall will support different plants to hopefully provide year round food and interest.

However, the rest of my garden doesn’t look like this! Half of it is still undergoing building work and has the beginnings of a driveway. The remaining areas are covered in nettles and thistles (but I like to think of these as a wildlife haven rather than a jungle!).

West Garden

One day I hope to transform the area under the trees into a woodland garden with lots of ferns and bluebells. In the meantime it will just be mowed and used as a path to get to the chickens!

The weeds near the shed have grown so much that even the pheasants don’t venture in it anymore! There is a wooden seat against the shed so please believe me when I say there are weeds here!

But as long as I can reach the doodles, and they can still look out of the enclosure without straining their little necks too much, then that’s okay. They seem very happy and we’re getting lots of eggs from them again! Even our little one-eyed chicken has settled down nicely and is usually the first to snaffle the food!!

I hope you enjoyed “Weeds Part 1″… Part 2 is somewhat scarier and may have to come with a suitable warning as those of you with a nervous disposition may be adversely affected!

33 thoughts on “Weeds Part 1

  1. It looks beautiful though. really beautiful. I remember this stage well. It’s a good stage to be in. I love your chicken coup. And your vegetable garden is (sigh) SO incredible.

    • Thanks Susan… you encouragement is just what I need! I try very hard to enjoy the “here and now” but it’s quite hard when I see all the work yet to be done. I suppose gardening teaches us so much! Take care and keep posting your lovely photos which make me sigh too x

  2. Gorgeous! How perfect is your kitchen garden, I love it. OK so they might be weeds, but in your photos they look so romantic, and such a contrast to your structured kitchen garden.

    • Thanks… I love my Kitchen garden too and the wild parts are the equivalent of me letting my hair down I suppose! Manicured gardens are beautiful but impossible to maintain unless you have lots of free time so I compromise.

  3. I love your kitchen garden. We dreamed of bricking raised beds but it was just too expensive. We went with cedar instead. Your weeds actually look nice but I can envision a woodland garden under those trees too! Adorable chickens!

    • Thanks for your kind comments Karin… I love old Victorian walled gardens so I’d always dreamed of lots of brick work as well as plants. We had timber beds beforehand, which were really lovely, but I had a yearning for something more formal… and the bricks really hold the heat which is great for our climate!

  4. I am seriously envious of your kitchen garden, the brick makes it look like its been there forever! The rest of your property is beautiful too, we have spent eight years now working our land, and I still have areas that I have barely touched! I keep reminding myself that if you could snap your fingers and have it done for you instantly it wouldn’t be true gardening!

    • Nature certainly appreciates these corridors of “woeful neglect”. I would be happier to have properly managed wildlife areas rather than areas that I haven’t managed to mow 🙂

  5. Looking forward to Weeds part 2, will bring a fluffy toy just in case it all gets too scarey!! SO lucky to have so much space, a wood of your own & chickens…heavy sigh….x

  6. It will be much scarier… I don’t want to give too much away (in case small children are reading) but it involves a pile of rubbish, excess building materials and a weed festooned lawn. Thanks for your lovely comments Jane x

  7. I love all your garden, the grass areas the nearly woodland area and your fantastic veg garden. Your girls look nice and healthy and quite similar to mine (colours). You are very lucky to have such a fabulous garden, well done.

  8. What an incredible kitchen garden that is going to be! Are you going to let the chickens run loose there to eat the bugs? I love all the space you have on your property. So much room to work with! :o) Great blog!! 🙂

    • I don’t think I can trust the chickens in there… they dust bath in the main garden and create such a mess. It’s not a problem when they destroy a few hardy perenials but I’d be unhappy if it was the veg! Thanks for your kind comments 🙂

    • No I haven’t but I’ve just looked it up on Amazon & it looks interesting! Most plants have stories and myths attached that are so old that they fascinate me! Thanks for the recommendation Malc.

  9. Even without plants, your new kitchen garden looks wonderful. How great will it look when it’s all covered in lush, growing food? Seriously green here (envy, not chlorophyll).

  10. I love your surroundings, it’s so green and lush! Living in the mountains has it’s benefits but also has a greater downfall, the deer can jump the garden fence, and the crickets can wipe out a garden overnight. I’m still trying to find a home made pest control concoction (no chemicals) to spray for protection.

    You inspire me!

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