French Lavender

Numerous studies have shown that Lavender helps to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. Lavender stops me in my tracks. It makes me crouch down and take  several deep breaths…. and close my eyes. As a stress reliever, it works for me!

After all the rain has come a predicted growth spurt. The Broad Beans are looking good, and with the extra help from staking, they have resisted everything that the weather could throw at them… wind, hail stones, torrential rain, frost and even a bit of sunshine! This only adds to my theory that they will probably taste like weeds but I reserve judgement until I taste my first bean…..

The raised beds are starting to fill out nicely now. I’m trying not to plant too much, too soon for fear of a massive glut (our freezer isn’t very big!). We are still in danger of frosts for a few more weeks so that will keep my enthusiasm in check.

Today remained pretty dry, and despite my cold hands and feet, I thoroughly enjoyed my first weekend in May in the garden. The air temperature was cold but I was surprised how warm the soil felt but I suppose that the raised beds help with this.

As I closed the gate to keep the rabbits out I realised that I was smiling… and had been for a while.

33 thoughts on “French Lavender

    • Thanks Susan – I can hardly wait until it’s all grown up! I know I shouldn’t wish my time away but it’s still a way off yet… that’s why I love to visit all the gardens in Blogland and peer over the garden fences 🙂

  1. Is your French Lavender flowering already? My ordinary lavender is going strong but no sign of any flowers. It certainly looks beautiful in your pics.

    • I can hardly believe the Lavender is flowering so well as it’s pot bound and neglected (maybe that’s the secret… treat ’em mean!). Thanks Elaine!

  2. What a great garden I am so envious it looks amazing and lacking in the weed department. My allotment is covered in weeds but the main culprit is marestail which is impossible to get rid of and the wet weather has brought it out in forse, that’s probably what’s good about winter I can’t see it because it all dissapears in the winter.

    • I have to admit that I always weed before I take the photos… and just over the fence on the right hand side of the garden is a jungle of nettles and thistles just waiting for me to fall over in! Thanks for your kind comments.

  3. French lavender – I’m in Provence just imaging the smell!. I have to overwinter lavender in pots even so its just starting to produce buds, but the scent of the leaves is heaven.
    Garden looking immaculate as ever and the beans will taste wonderful – trust me.

    • Thank you… the broad beans are doing extremely well but we still have time for snow, hail, gales……… at least yours will hopefully miss the drama of our climate by the time they’re all grown up!

  4. I love lavendar but struggle growing it. Mine just never looks great. It blooms but the leaves are sparse. What is your secret to growing them. I love your raised beds. Such a wonderful space to grow lots of veggies!

    • Karin – you’re too kind, thank you! I’m ashamed to say that I have neglected the Lavender terribly and it was actually put on death row along with an old pot of herbs. I chopped it back last year then ignored it… this may just be it’s Swan Song 😦

  5. I am so impressed with the structure of your raised beds. Your vegetable garden is a pleasure to the eyes, as well as a blessing to your palate! Your beans look wonderful!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! It’s such a lovely space to work in and I’m really pleased how it’s coming along… it really does provide food for the soul!

  6. I’m going to guess that most rabbits, after peaking through your potage gate, would run back home, dress in their best suit and ties, and call for a reservation before crossing that threshold. wow.

    • Ha ha ! What you can’t see is a huge pile of rubble behind the barn… one day, when I’m brave enough, I’ll post some pictures. Luckily I don’t venture around there very often.
      I try not to worry about the rabbits… as well as the sign we have a strict dress code that will prevent entry for our long eared friends 😉

  7. I know people who find the smell of lavender overpowering but I can’t get enough of it. Really easy to grow from cuttings too – they are my only success story this year.

    • I’ve not tried taking cuttings so I’ll take some this year as Lavender can be quite expensive to buy! Thanks b-a-g I’ll put it on my to-do list.

    • I hate wearing gloves when I’m gardening but, like you, wear them for weeding as most of the weeds around here are either sharp or stinging!!

  8. Lavender is my all-time favorite plant. Unfortunately, a lot of the French and English varieties don’t grow so well for me, because if the heat and humidity here, I have had a lot of success with Spanish lavender, which has more of a camphorous smell than most lavenders, but I take what I can get 🙂

  9. What gorgeous parterres. I love the brick. Is the circle in the middle decorative or functional? I can’t tell from the photograph.

    • Thanks for your lovely comments – the circle has been designed as both decorative and functional. I’m waiting for a stone fountain to be installed as I love to hear the sound of running water when I garden. It has also been designed as a planter too and will hopefully pull the design together.

  10. I am a huge lavender fan. I had a beautiful plant that didn’t make it through winter and I was just at a flea market that was selling small plants so I bought another one. Wish me luck!

    • Hello… thanks for visiting my little blog. I’m loving yours and look forward to trying some of your recipes!
      Good Luck with the Lavender… it’s always sad when we lose favourite plants.

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