Rhubarb ♥

I planted some “Champagne” rhubarb this year and I was prepared to patiently wait until next year before our first harvest (which is so unlike me). I was delighted when a clump of our old rhubarb, against the odds, started to grow. You see, this rhubarb has been trampled on, dug over, excavated and finally compacted as part of the ongoing building work. We were sad about this as it had come from a neighbour’s garden, who sadly died a couple of years ago, so this has always been known as Fred’s Rhubarb.

Fred's Rhubarb

I’ve always loved Rhubarb… the fact that we use it as a fruit but it’s actually a vegetable and it has delicious edible stems but it’s leaves are poisonous means that it’s as contrary as I am!. One of my earliest childhood memories is eating rhubarb in the sunshine whilst sitting on top of a Rabbit hutch, with a small teacup of sugar in one hand and a freshly picked, pink stalk of rhubarb in the other. The combination of sweet and sour tastes kept me quiet for a while! Not good for the teeth but it was an occasional treat that gave my lovely Mum some peace!

My tastes have changed a little, and whilst rhubarb dipped in sugar is safely consigned to my happy memories now, I have a few more favourite recipes. My first choice is rhubarb crumble… especially when the crumble is made with plenty of cinnamon and toasted hazelnuts. I prefer vanilla icecream with mine – but what’s your favourite?

Rhubarb & Cinnamon CrumbleI also love iced teas – have you tried the rhubarb ones? Wow! Zingy and refreshing! I usually have some frozen rhubarb in the freezer and so this is a great drink to make in the Summer. This particular recipe is from Martha Stewart and can be tweaked according to your tastes… how does a little added Cointreau and slices of orange sound for a special occasion?

Rhubarb Iced Tea

Old fashioned Rhubarb & Custard sweets…

…and a great cartoon from the 1970’s called Roobarb and Custard! To be honest I can’t remember the cartoon very well but always LOVED the theme tune!

Roobarb and custard 1974- YouTube.

I was hoping to spend sometime in the garden but the weather has been awful – high winds, constant rain and it’s so cold that we’ve had to put the heating back on! The wettest drought on record I should think!!


28 thoughts on “Rhubarb ♥

  1. Well done for waiting, it can’t be easy! I love rhubarb and raspberry crumble, and I fancy it’s good with orange ice cream. though i’m still to try this combination

  2. Loves me some Rhubarb! That memory you described of sitting on top of a rabbit cage eating rhubarb is so sweet, as though imbued with all the innocence of childhood.
    That does it, gotta make some crumble.

    • I must have only been about three years old and I remember my sister sitting next to me… she had to share my tea cup because she must have been only two years old. A lot of my memories are tied up with the garden or outdoors but it’s only in recent years that I have become interested in gardening! It’s a funny old world!

  3. I am also having to wait until next year for my first crop as I only planted it two weeks ago, and thanks for the rhubarb and custard link, haven’t seen that for years , it was always a favourite, and now I have the theme tune stuck in my head…

  4. I picked my first lot of rhubarb a couple of weeks ago and made rhubarb and strawberry crumble it was yum. I remember dipping it it a cone of sugar too – makes my hair stand on end just thinking about it. And those sweets – you have brought back all sorts of memories.

  5. Brilliant another rhubarb fan, we love it, although I have to fight for my share. Try adding some stem ginger to your crumble, serve with yoghurt or ginger ice cream.
    Rhubarb and ginger jam is good too. Pity I can’t grow the ginger!

    • Mmm… great ideas and the addition of ginger sounds gorgeous! I’m pretty sure that you could grow ginger as you pretty much grow everything else up there against the odds! 😉

  6. That’s it! I’ve now got the Rhubarb & Custard theme tune going round in my head & I was just off to bed. I’ll never get to sleep…lol x

  7. Oh I do love Rhubarb! …especially warm over vanilla ice cream! I have never tried it in a drink. In fact it has never crossed my mind to use it this way. I will definitely try this recipe! I hope your weather improves so you can spend some time out in the garden!

  8. I didn’t like rhubarb as a kid but now I love it. Yours looks great and hope it keep going.

    Roobard & Custard – now there’s a blast from the past!

  9. That rhubarb iced tea looks so pretty. Jamie Oliver adds the zest and juice of an orange to rhubarb in a ginger-topped crumble, which tastes better than it sounds! What a lovely post – I’ve really enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

  10. Someone just handed me a huge armload of rhubarb yesterday and I’ve been hemming and hawing as to what to make with it. I’m going to start with the crumble, and then give Martha a spin. Any leftovers are going to be tomato stakes in the garden.

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