Rain, Rain, Rain….

After two fairly dry Winters, and an unseasonably dry Spring, the water reservoirs are worryingly low. Many counties in the South and East of England have hosepipe bans in place and many have been waiting anxiously for the rain to return. At the moment there are no water restrictions in this part of the country but, nevertheless, we’re trying to conserve water and use it carefully. I’m pleased to say that the long Easter weekend has been rather damp!

Too wet to venture far today...We were actually pleased when it started to rain yesterday – and it pretty much hasn’t stopped! After feeding the chickens and checking the garden over, I came back indoors damp and cold… only to notice that my houseplants are suddenly doing well! You may well be thinking “big deal!” but to me this is really exciting. You see, I’ve never been very good with houseplants, they always look tired, pale and pretty miserable. This is not due to neglect – I water them, feed them, re-pot them when necessary but also probably kill them with kindness! I live in an old, drafty house so the combination of cold spots and log fires is enough to make anything stressed!

Tradescantia, Clemantine & Christmas Cherry

I first noticed that the Tradescantia had a single lilac bloom on it a couple of days ago. My Mum’s same plant is smothered with these little blossoms and she can seemingly grow houseplants without trying! The Clementine Tree has continued to blossom and is showing signs of fruit. The smell of the blossoms is amazing! Finally, the Christmas Cherry has also started to fruit and looks remarkedly well. Taking all of this into consideration I now have reasonable hopes for my poor little Orchid that has been slowly dessicating as I was informed not to over water it!
This really is progress – if only I could figure out what I am doing right after twenty years of house plant abuse!

And to make this Easter break extra happy the new girls have started to lay eggs!

24 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Rain….

  1. Your plants look great! As to the lack of rain, we are used to that here in Southern California but this year we seem to have more than usual. Wacky weather patterns it seems everywhere.

    • You’re so right about the wacky weather… it’s so difficult to know what and when to plant (and even what to wear!). Thanks for dropping by Jeannine!

  2. I can grow lots of stuff in the garden but houseplants just don’t thrive for me… don’t know why. Glad yours are doing well…I’ll stick to the outside stuff!

    • Isn’t it strange how most people are either good at garden plants or outside plants? I love the outdoor variety too but just feel sorry for the ones languishing inside!

    • Thanks susan… are you not able to keep a few chickens? Even little ones? Thanks for wanting to share the rain – wouldn’t life be lovely if everyone had enough of the good things and less of the bad?
      So many questions! Ha ha ha!!! Sorry!

      • I have the room, but they need a very secure building and yard in order to survive. Raccoon, Bald Eagles, Coyote, and foxes are rampant around here. But I am hoping to have one up and running by next Spring.
        And yes, a balance in the weather would be wonderful!

  3. Wow, I love the picture of the rain drops on the window. That is amazing. And the eggs are beautiful! I am glad you got some good rain.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

  4. We always choose our chickens to give different coloured eggs. I think they look beautiful. We are also experiencing lots of April showers but I am hoping my 2 water butts will see us through the ban.

  5. Love the eggs in the heart bowl. We’ve had a drought here as well for the past few years that I think is finally ending, though it hasn’t been as severe as other parts of the country. Yay for rain!

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