Looking Forward to April Showers

What a busy month March has been – where has it gone?!? It has been unseasonably warm and the pyjamas were swapped for shorts last week. Unfortunately, the down side of this is that the reservoirs are low and there are many parts of the country that already have water restrictions and hose pipe bans! Thankfully we’re unaffected at the moment but it’s only a matter of time I suppose.

The seed trays and plants were making it difficult to get into the utility room so we bought a cheap plastic greenhouse which has been invaluable! It doesn’t look very pretty, and once we have saved some money, we’ll be getting a wooden framed greenhouse but unfortunately this isn’t near the top of our essential list yet!

The good news is that our rabbit friends have stopped getting into the kitchen garden… the “Keep Out” sign obviously worked wonders (…the perimeter fencing may have helped a little too!).

This month I’m looking forward to April showers, Easter and fetching some new chickens… I’m loving the new garden and catch myself smiling for no other reason apart from being outside with the plants and seeds 🙂


17 thoughts on “Looking Forward to April Showers

  1. Such a nice update. Please take some of our rain, I’ve had enough for a while. Your vegetable garden is SO beautiful, I’d be smiling too if I had that in my back yard.

    • Okay – I’ll put an order in for US rain to be delivered overnight to the UK in moderate quantities. Would you like some fog in return?
      You are always so lovely Susan and give me the encouragement I need… thank you!

    • Thanks for the warning b-a-g! It’s sited on a large patch of gravel but I’ll make sure to check under my pots & tubs for the little pests each day.

  2. Lovely post, and lovely hellebores. I wish we all could get some rain soon! Here in London we had a tiny bit today, but what came down was more like teasing than anything useful, and Thursday the hosepipe ban starts….

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