The Burrowers

Something has been burrowing in the Nectar Bar. The earth was quite neatly dug out and a chamber full of fresh nesting material was found about a meter down in the soil. This was quite intriguing, we thought it might be rabbits as there are loads around here, and we obviously needed to investigate further! For three nights something had dug a hole in exactly the same place and for three mornings we checked for a nest and back filled the hole. The plants were thankfully untouched but the yew was in danger of caving into the hole

Baby Rabbit

Baby Rabbit

This baby rabbit was found under some scaffolding planks next to the cars – he was covered back up and left alone… so cute! My husband rigged up some CCTV in the garden and our suspicions were confirmed… it was a rabbit!

Wire netting

Wire fencing

Our first job of the weekend was to buy some narrow gauge wire fencing to act as a barrier. We then had a good look around to make sure we weren’t about to barricade the rabbits in the garden!

Pallet Fence

Pallet gate!

We still need to buy a field gate to gain access to the paddock… so rather than have a large hole in the fence we cobbled together a sturdy fence made from pallets. It’s not pretty but it should stop the rabbits!

New gate put in place with wire in place

The entrance to the Kitchen Garden is through a wooden archway so this was completed with a small wooden gate.

Garden Gate

This should do it!

We finally sprinkled some extra strong garlic juice around the perimeter as rabbits apparently hate this stuff. It almost felt as if I was performing an exorcism at this stage! I would be very interested to hear if anyone has any ideas to deter these bunnies – without resorting to chemicals, traps or shot guns!


25 thoughts on “The Burrowers

  1. Our girl bunnies (safely housed in deluxe bunny accommodation) have a ‘gentleman caller’ who comes in from the fields behind the house – it’s hard not to go ‘aahh’ when we see him but he can do a fair bit of damage on his way through the garden. We own a certified bunny slayer (big ginger Rufus) which is very helpful but he tends to leave bunny bits under the dining table. Good luck with your fencing; hope it solves the problem.

  2. We sometimes have bunny incursions and find that putting a trap out (an old live trap too rusted to work) usually conveys the message that we run a bunny exclusion zone.

  3. Have’nt a clue about the bunnies. We don’t have them round here, I think they don’t like the wet ground. Love your garden layout and those fab raised beds.

  4. We have deer fencing which is also sunk into the ground to prevent diggers, a gorge on one side also helps, but may not be completely feasible for you 🙂 Good luck and I hope the garlic deters more than just the neighbours.

  5. Very cute bunny! We have a pretty solid privacy fence, though bunnies still occasionally manage to squeeze through a crack in the gate or tunnel under the fence. I’ve stacked rocks in a couple areas to block their access. I didn’t mind them nibbling on a few plants, but then it got to where they were coming every day to do their business in my yard and munching on my rose bushes of all things!

    Good luck! I love the sign!

  6. Ha ha! I enjoyed this post, I don’t have a rabbit problem here in the middle of London so I can’t add anything to previous visitors, we do have other more or less unwelcome guests though, and the foxes are a huge nuicance at the moment. That’s death and destruction on a large scale when it comes to garden plants…I guess the bunnies are just as the foxes and the squirrels around here, cute as long as they keep to someone else’s garden!

  7. I’m having problems too. We have lots of squirrels. They love digging in my planters, urns etc. Last year we put chicken wire directly over the soil which ended that. Obviously it is pay back time as this year “something” has decimated the hosta bed at the front of the house. I’ve spent years finding a variety of plants to make the bed interesting, obviously they decided to go for the jugular. I’d put a sign up but they would probably eat it.

    • I like to think that the garlic spray worked – it’s difficult to say with certainty as we also put a fence up at the same time. If I were a rabbit with a sensitive twitching nose I would be put off for sure!!

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