Garden Plans ……..

I’ve come across the original copy of my Kitchen Garden plans and they’ve made me smile….. because they’re embarrassingly basic!! In my imagination the Kitchen Garden is always full of healthy herbs, climbing plants, seasonal produce and plenty of flowers for the bees and butterflies. Mmm, I should have paid full attention in Art class at school as my sketch is rather primitive! My lovely husband used CAD to make it a workable diagram for the builder….. everything else is in my head (no hope for anyone but me then)! 

Kitchen Garden Plans

Fortunately, the work in progress looks more like my vision than the sketch does!! The raised beds are now complete, the new hedges have been laid and all we’ve now got to complete the French drains, put some stone down and wait for Spring! There are new changes every week and I want to capture what happens and, hopefully, look back with happiness. All I see at the moment, however, is a huge amount of bare brickwork that is crying out to be covered with plants!

The garden has 7 raised beds in total and a central island that can be used for a fountain/birdbath. The Nectar Bar will be planted to attract bees and butterflies and there is a secluded area behind this bar where we’ll be able to relax (or hide!).

The perennial vegetable bed contains asparagus and rhubarb and I keep excitedly rushing home from work to looking for signs of life before it gets dark!

Perennial Bed

I’m pleased to say that I’ve found the cutest baby asparagus spear! It’s smaller than a matchstick but looks perfectly formed already… As I’ve already mentioned, I’m usually too impatient to get dressed before dashing outside so it will be torture for me to wait a couple more years before harvesting.

Tiny Asparagus shoot

I’ve always felt drawn to Victorian walled gardens and love visiting stately homes to see them. I’m off to Chatsworth House next week and will hopefully come back with even more inspiration… only on a much smaller scale!

26 thoughts on “Garden Plans ……..

  1. Wow, we are kindred spirits! When I saw your sketch, It was like looking at my own, except that my center beds were square. It had 48 beds total, with an arbor down the center, but unlike yours, it was made of fir, so the whole thing rotted away after 5 years, which is just as well, since I discovered that I was insane in thinking that one person could take care of all that and have a life too. That was years ago, though I still look fondly at the photos- that mix of flowers and vegetables was breathtaking.
    Yours is absolute perfection- I can’t wait to see it come to life- thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thanks for your kind comments Susan! I can’t believe you had 48 beds… that’s a whole lot of work 🙂 I can see myself eventually using the field next to our house for more produce but I’ll work up to that. It’s funny because I am such a contrary madam – I love simplistic order and the sense that everything has a place in the garden but I also long for a romantic, gothic garden like yours!

  2. I can just imagine what it will look like when it is full of lovely veg and flowers – you are so lucky to have brick-built beds, so deep as well, you will have to stand on the walls to pick your runner beans though!

    • Mmm – we have thought about step ladders but will probably resort to planting beans in tubs! We’re hoping that it will be good for our backs and bad for the slugs (unless we have mountaineering molluscs!!)

  3. Gardening can be exciting, seeing plans take shape and the first shoot appear. I envy you. I’m moving from a Zone 3 to a Zone 8 garden. You better believe I have plans!!! At the moment I have inspirational pictures on the fridge to keep me going through the ordeal of packing. By the way, what are French drains?

    • The French drain is a trench which has been covered with gravel or rock & this redirects surface and groundwater away from the wall. We have heavy clay and there is a substantial difference internal/external floor levels so it reduces damp (sorry for the boring explanation!).
      Your move will be exciting but talk about from one extreme to another!

    • Thank you so much – we’ve put power to the island so that it can have a fountain but I’ll probably change my mind in a couple of years and have a bay tree or sculpture!

    • I love rhubarb – and mine’s not even poked through yet! I can’t force it this year because it’s a new plant… and it’s stressed enough with me poking it every day!! Your crumble sounds lovely and so does Himself for making it!!

  4. Wow, it already looks awesome, so it’s going to be amazing chock full of flowers and veggies! What an absolutely beautiful kitchen garden plan! It’s great to have such a nice big flat area for the raised beds. I’m sure that brickwork was a chore!

  5. Cute asparagus shoot! I do love this time of year when it all starts to quietly get going (without the non-gardeners even noticing!) Even more exciting when you have a whole brand new garden to fill of course :o)

    • I completely agree! There’s life everywhere, birds are getting excited and it just feels different out there… gardeners everywhere get the urge to get busy! The asparagus is lovely – I quite expect a blackbird to think its a worm!!!

  6. WOW!!!!
    Look at all of that – you are so lucky. I bet you are itching to see what it looks like in 4-5 months! I reckon 2 of your beds = my garden hahaha!!!

  7. You call that basic??? I think it’s absolutely beautiful and clean — and I cannot wait to see it overflowing with leaves and blooms! Well done.

    • Thanks Kevin… I describe this plan as basic because in my mind it is a highly productive, beautiful garden that always has sunshine and only rains at night!! Your post about imagination was so interesting as I believe all gardener have hope & dreams as well as spades x

  8. Your kitchen garden is charming! I’m looking forward to seeing it come alive this spring!! Thanks for visiting my blog today and your thoughtful comment. Nice to meet you.

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