I ♥ Garlic

Garlic is one of my all time favourite herbs and an essential part of our kitchen garden. It may not be the prettiest plant but it certainly knows how to charm! It’s flavour and aroma are unlike any other and garlic has some interesting medicinal uses that include anti-bacterial, cholesterol lowering & blood thinning properties. The only down side is the smelly breath but it even  keeps the vampires away so what’s not to love??

New Shoots of Garlic

Garlic is a wonderful companion plant for many vegetables as it confuses the pests that rely on their sensitive noses to seek-and-destroy. It is particularly good friends with carrots, cabbages, beetroot and roses… but not so good with beans or peas so I’ve heard…… 

I should have planted the garlic in Autumn to ensure large, juicy bulbs – sadly, I couldn’t do this due to all the ongoing building work so I’ve started a few cloves of “Solent Wight” indoors and I’ll put the other cloves directly in the ground as soon as the soil is workable.

Maybe it should say plants!!

Help! The Utility Room has become a potting shed and greenhouse! There are trays, plants, fruit trees and packets of seeds everywhere… in fact, I vaguely remember a washing machine being in there somewhere! Another excuse to have to wear my pyjamas methinks x

6 thoughts on “I ♥ Garlic

  1. I too was late as I only started this in Jan. I used pots but put them outside in an unheated greenhouse (1st week of Jan) with a view to move them into a container once I saw signs of life.

    So far no sign of anything so do you think I’ve lost them?

    • I’ve planted cloves in early March before and they’ve done okay… just a bit smaller than their Autumn planted cousins. I’m not sure what’s happened to your pots as mine usually come through fairly quickly… we’ve had some good weather this weekend so they might just have been hibernating 😉

      • I think I may water them and then move them, buy the large conainer I plan to use and throw them in and see what happens. Downside is its a waste of a container if nothing happens but I shall give it a go I think

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