A Simple Valentine’s Day!

We celebrate in spirit rather than in practice… to me it’s always seemed wrong to buy roses in February (especially when the roses have more air miles than I do!).  We enjoy romantic gestures and being spoilt but that should be in little ways every day of the year rather than waiting for one or two days. 

Baby Aloe Vera

Baby Aloe Vera

These baby Aloe Vera are a perfect idea for a fuss free pyjama girl… as well as a lovely home cooked meal and sharing a glass of wine or two. Besides, the money saved by foregoing roses, chocolates & champagne will buy enough pretty flowers to plant in spring and fill the house with scent until Autumn. This just proves that gardeners are not tight with money – just extremely practical!!!


4 thoughts on “A Simple Valentine’s Day!

  1. Hello, I followed you here from a comment you left on Birdoosh, your pot of baby aloe vera is so sweet! I had an aloe vera once, a cutting my Mum gave me – it looked pretty sick when she gave it to me, and did not improve once in my care. I think I should try again, they are so useful to have.

    • Hi Debbie – I fell in love with the baby Aloe as soon as I saw them. I have no idea how to look after them so I hope they survive!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment – I’ll pop over and see your blog this evening x

  2. Oh definitely agree it’s much more fun (and practical) to save your money to enable an almost limitless supply of flowers later in the year! Love aloe too, have one on my kitchen windowsill though the rate that I’m always burning myself I could really do with two.

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