Quick Lunch

Twice baked stilton potatoes

The fridge is bare and I don’t plan to venture out in the cold until tomorrow. So with a couple of potatoes, a wedge of stilton and a handful of fresh thyme I prepared lunch.

I’m not the biggest fan of Stilton cheese – anything that smells like old socks and looks mouldy just seems wrong to me…. However, what I’ve discovered over time is that something wonderful happens to this cheese when it melts and many plain sauces, pasta dishes, quiches and vegetables have been magically transformed from the mundane to scrummy! In addition, for the blue cheese doubters like  myself, a good handful of chopped thyme disguised all the little flecks of blue! This lunch was lovely served with baby salad leaves and a simple lemon & garlic dressing. It would have been lovely with a crisp, cold, white wine… but unfortunately my wine rack is empty too!


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