It’s cold out there…

It’s too cold to do anything in the garden so I have the perfect  excuse to spend the evening warming my toes in front of the fire, looking at seed catalogues and dreaming of the vegetable heaven to come. So tonight seems as good a time as any to get blogging!

In the New Year I found an old tin of seeds in the shed and it was like finding hidden treasure! Most seeds have passed their expiry dates but I haven’t got the heart to throw them away so I’ll give them a chance. Now, I know there will be folks out there who think that this is probably a very bad idea but I’m optimistic. There are plenty of new varieties to try as well – I now have so many packets of seeds and good intentions that it will be interesting to see the results. 

“The love of Gardening is a seed once sown that never dies”.    Gertrude Jekyll


3 thoughts on “It’s cold out there…

    • Hi George – I’m in England and we’ve thankfully defrosted since this post! Your tip for germinating seeds is great and I’ll be certain to give it a go and let you know how I get on. Thanks!

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